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Radiohead Lull Lyrics

Last updated: 12/08/2008 10:00:00 AM

You stop the crowd
I cried out to break the spell
You wake and smile
I just snapped and lost control

Distracted by irrelevance
The stress and the tension
The stress and the tension
I'm in a lull

There's nothing so dull
As talking, talking 'bout yourself
But what I meant to say
I'm sorry that I lost control

Distracted by irrelevance
The stress and the tension
Crawling through the keyhole
I'm in a lull

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Why was this not on "Airbag/How Am I Driving?" at the very least?! | Reviewer: Plangent Wormgears | 12/8/08

This song is astounding. So much emotion packed into just two concise minutes. WHY DIDN'T SOMEBODY PUT IT ON "AIRBAG/HOW AM I DRIVING?" AT THE VERY LEAST?! It drives me crazy that people can only hear this track if they shell out enough cash for the "Paranoid Android" part-1 single, or obtain it surreptitiously. But then again, why did Radiohead also neglect the equally gorgeous (if ludicrously spare) "How I Made My Millions"? (shakes head) The world may never know.
At any rate, listen to this song. It has pulled me through many long days.

mad mad song | Reviewer: Shamindra | 8/6/07

one of the nicest songs one will ever hear......comparable to the sound floyd was capable of creating