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Blood, Sweat & Tears Lucretia MacEvil Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2014 05:34:36 AM

Lucretia MacEvil
Little girl what's your game?
Hard luck and trouble
Bound to be your claim to fame
Tail-shakin' home-breakin' truckin' through town
Each and every country-mother's son, hangin' 'round
Drive a young man insane
Evil that's your name
Lucretia MacEvil
That's the thing you're doin' fine
Back seat Delilah
Got your six-bit jug o'wine, woman
I hear your mother was the talk of the sticks
Nothin' that your daddy wouldn't do for kicks
Never done a thing worth-while

Evil woman-child.
(spoken) ooh, Lucy, you just so damn bad
(Instrumental Interlude)
(Bridge) Devil got you lucy
Under lock and key
Ain't about to set you free
Sign sealed and witnessed
Since the day you were born
No use tryin' to fake him out
No use tryin' to make him out
Soon, he'll be takin' out his due
What-cha goin' to do?
Ooh, Lucy MacEvil
Honey, where ya been all night?
Your hair's all messed up babe
And the clothes you're wearin'
Just don't fit ya right
Big Daddy Joe's, payin' your monthly rent
Tells his wife he can't imagine where the money went
Dressin' you up in style, evil woman-child
(spoken) Ooh, Lucy, you just so damn bad
(Instrumental Interlude)

(spoken) Awe, here she comes, trouble
Well Lucy, walkin' down main street, lookin'
Well, tell me 'bout it
Where ya' been girl?!
Stop lyin', stop lyin', stop lyin', Lucy!
Ooooh, tell the truth girl!
(Instrumental Interlude)

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lucretia macevil | Reviewer: john m guinto | 6/1/13

i have always been a fan of blood,sweat and tears,and have always loved this song,but,am embarassed to say that up until a few days ago,i did not know the name of the song is lucretia macevil,and another one of my favorites from this group is god bless the child even if it was written and done first by billie far as i'm concerned,blood,sweat and tears set the standard,and none of the rock groups of today can hold a candle to blood,sweat and tears.

So, how are you, Buddy? | Reviewer: Susan Kraft | 2/12/13

I realize it's been almost 2 years since you posted your blog. I was looking up the words to this song (since I also love it) and saw your message. I don't know you, but it touched me that you were struggling with cancer. This message may go nowhere, but I'm having a very rough day and just wanted to reach out to someone else. I hope you're well. If not, I know you're missed. You sound like the kind of guy that people would miss.

Love this one by the original BS&T | Reviewer: Bud Tillery | 4/9/11

But heck, I am 71 now and I still love the 70's music,
taken in the whole of that year, better than any other
year's music production. I thought that my preference
may have been (and still is)influenced by the $3000 JVC
system I bought at that time (along with a Corvette)when
I discovered that I still had some money left after my
first divorce (from a wonderful gal.. go figure). But I
am digressing, I know. Dunno why on this particular forum.

I now have the full 1970's music - my favorites, that is -
but too much of it was dnlded via imperfect P2P. Too late
to correct that now, as cancer of the blood sets other end-
times priorities. But the music does contribute to my being
a happy camper, as I always am anyway.
Best to all reading this usless blog of mine. It just made
me feel a bit happier to write it this fine evening.
April 9, 2011
Bud Tillery aka
All comments are welcome (famous last words!)