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Lucky was born on 3rd August,1964, in Ermelo, Eastern
Transvaal, South Africa. At the age of 9 Lucky was chosen
as library assistant at his school. His desire to learn
about the rest of the world and South Africa's
controversial history had him immediately immersed in the
world of literature.It was here that he became acquainted
with the Rastafarian religion, discovering it in an
Encyclopedia. He also read about the music which is
synonymous with Rastafarianism - REGGAE. His interest grew
the more he read and found out, and soon he More...

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Review about Lucky Dube songs
Jah bless | Reviewer: Divine
    ------ About the song War and Crime performed by Lucky Dube

It saddens me anytime I remember that this great reggae musician has left us.Jah bless your soul Lucky Dube. You will forever be remembered. Even though we won't get the opportunity to listen to your new songs but we will continue listening to the sensible words you have put together as music till we also die.Jah bless

whay, why, why, Descrimination????? | Reviewer: Sithole Sasekah
    ------ About the song Together As One performed by Lucky Dube

irregardless of our colour or hairs but we are ol equal bfr God, so said the why racism? LESS do away wit discrimination and let the sprit of togetherness lead! As ma role model...LUCKY DUBE said "we've to come together as one". May God Rest Yo Soul In Peace!! LOVE U DUBE

Really, It is not easy! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song It's Not Easy performed by Lucky Dube

Lucky is the greatest reggae musician I have ever seen. The track "It's not Easy" is beyond my understanding. It was when I took my time to read the words or lyrics of the track that I realised what he was saying. He sang it all! It is not easy to make that marital vow and back out. U can never know the true colour of a lady irrespective of the number of years u dated. U wil know them truly when they enter into ur house as a wife. Rescinding ur decision then is no more easy. It is not easy. RIP Lucky Dube.

Hold on | Reviewer: SADUS JOHNSON
    ------ About the song Hold On performed by Lucky Dube

We the rastafarians,i think Haile Selassie,Elect of God and Jah rastafari is not sleeping.he knows why our brother LUCKY DUBE,reggae star left us dat time.He made me the rastaman i am today.Any time i listen to this his son 'back to my root'.I alwaz cry for the poor.All i have to tell all of you,my fellow rastafarians let us always remember the prayer our Imperial majesty taught us.may his soul rest in perfect peace Amen....CRYING....

RIP, LUCKY. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Remember Me performed by Lucky Dube

Am Seth Ofori from Ghana. Oh honourable LUCKY DUBE.MAY YOUR SAUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE.i took him as my mentor because he is the best ragg musician.I aways remember him whenever i play this song. Oh LUCKY,may the ALMIGHTY JAH PROTECT U WHEREVER YOU ARE.;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(

Release | Reviewer: Likem
    ------ About the song Release Me performed by Lucky Dube

Everyday, the words of your songs cheach me a lot about life.The
music itself heals me from many sufferings and restore joy in me.
Why did you die soo soon ? It's painfull but rest in peace.
Our ways may surely meet again maybe in the other side.
Rest always in peace.

It pains so much to remember you not among anymore | Reviewer: Wellington j
    ------ About the song Born to Suffer performed by Lucky Dube

I feel seeing you in the spirit when your song flash into my mind and
My mouth sing it and I feel the lyrics then tears condense in on wall of my eyelid that make me to have of silence. May The Lord consider your formal existence on earth.

war and crime | Reviewer: rastaman frm nigeria[abbey]
    ------ About the song War and Crime performed by Lucky Dube

A big respect to luck dube jah bless his soul!is a big lost to we reggea lover,for ever in my mind,reggae music bring light in to my life and am happy to be part of reggea music!!luck dube die but remmber that rasta never die ,jah live!!!!onelove man

coments | Reviewer: sammy
    ------ About the song Victims performed by Lucky Dube

We hear n read difernt kids of dirty n nasty stuf about difrent artists evryday but none of thoze could be asociated to d one n only bra lucky dube,evrytim i listen to yo songz tears just run down ma chick,i kip asking maslf tht y dd u hav 2go away 4rm us so soon,we stil,i initialy stil wonna c u do yo thing on stage n liv 4yo family,may yo beloved,peaceful soul b at peace,may yo assasions rot in a hole of hell,my TRUE LEGEND

Kiss no frog | Reviewer: Liberty munyaradzi pride
    ------ About the song The Other Side performed by Lucky Dube

U were the best on top of the rest,like u sang on sins of the flesh that bad thingz happen to good people,rest in peace my king i salute u the whole of my life

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