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Lucky was born on 3rd August,1964, in Ermelo, Eastern
Transvaal, South Africa. At the age of 9 Lucky was chosen
as library assistant at his school. His desire to learn
about the rest of the world and South Africa's
controversial history had him immediately immersed in the
world of literature.It was here that he became acquainted
with the Rastafarian religion, discovering it in an
Encyclopedia. He also read about the music which is
synonymous with Rastafarianism - REGGAE. His interest grew
the more he read and found out, and soon he More...

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Review about Lucky Dube songs
Lucky; revealer | Reviewer: Andy
    ------ About the song Crazy World performed by Lucky Dube

Evry mornin when i wake up l listen to ur musics, i realise that you were true revealer lead by the holy spirit to spread the truth. RIP revealer by Candy de best in cali

Never leave you | Reviewer: Musonda mudo Dominic zambia
    ------ About the song Never Leave You performed by Lucky Dube

Luv is not riches but a feeling,just follow the heart of a person not material,be positive in luv dont follow what other pipo say in your luv,Dube rest in peace,luv u.

Oh my god | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You Stand Alone performed by Lucky Dube

This world was not yours. You stand up to make it perfect. You stand up for poors, for streets children, for justice, for ghetos's children but they kill you. OH my god. RIP.RIP.

It's not easy | Reviewer: Dan Vintzye
    ------ About the song It's Not Easy performed by Lucky Dube

I first heard this music when I was going to pick my wife on a date during courtship and I repeated the song when we were together in the and I realised we were both in luv with the song. We have since wedded and the song remains a lesson for us to keep and cherish our marital promises and vows. Lucky Dube was truly that great preacherman at the alter. RIP the legend.

    ------ About the song Remember Me performed by Lucky Dube

My mom died of heart attack many years back wen he heard my dad hav married and had another child outside, father snt us out of his house after my mother dead, in wherever you are i still luv u father, in whatever u do i luv u, dis song is pointing at me, i luv u lucky dube. May ur soul rest in peace, hmm....... Dead are gone.

    ------ About the song The Other Side performed by Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube is one of my all-time favourite artists. Thank you Lucky for the music, thank you for the inspirational beats and the words that you planted in hearts, and in the very roots of our souls. God Bless Africa, God Bless our Nations!

Jah Lives!

    ------ About the song Remember Me performed by Lucky Dube

I listen to this music every blessed day that I woke from bed, I remember my lovely sister through d music a sister like a mother that died on octomber 20th 2012, n alSo lucky dube a man of Integrity, a man of Humble, a man of Honesty, a man of Loyalty.
We miss You Aunt Patience, we Miss you Lucky Dube.

    ------ About the song Respect performed by Lucky Dube

It was sad news hearing your dealth my hero,your music is so educative and inspiring to all the world in general.I have lent a lot through your music,may the good lord protect your in peace in my hero,reggae fan sambo from zambia.

war and crime | Reviewer: Edem
    ------ About the song War and Crime performed by Lucky Dube

Ur name will forever be remembered for ur good deeds, ur songs, teach de world, fugitive and others will always rekindle my spirit. May u rest in perfect peace.

Masage for everyone | Reviewer: Danny kingston
    ------ About the song Together As One performed by Lucky Dube

Lucky was not just a singer,but a prophet,a masenger of all mighty jah.wit all dat u've thought us in ur songs we'll continue 2 abide by those words of love.So i pray jah 2 take ur soul i knw we're living in this crazy world,we meet someday 2 depart nomore.RIP

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