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Lucky was born on 3rd August,1964, in Ermelo, Eastern
Transvaal, South Africa. At the age of 9 Lucky was chosen
as library assistant at his school. His desire to learn
about the rest of the world and South Africa's
controversial history had him immediately immersed in the
world of literature.It was here that he became acquainted
with the Rastafarian religion, discovering it in an
Encyclopedia. He also read about the music which is
synonymous with Rastafarianism - REGGAE. His interest grew
the more he read and found out, and soon he More...

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Review about Lucky Dube songs
Johnny | Reviewer: John Banyenzaki
    ------ About the song Johnny performed by Lucky Dube

This Music Carries a warning to our young Brothers and Sisters who are in School even after school.
Parents Invest alot in us for the future expectations. let's not waste time in drugs and other Bad Habits that will lead us into tempatation.
Rest in Peace My Hero

John B

loving the legend | Reviewer: Mshoza
    ------ About the song It's Not Easy performed by Lucky Dube

I can't believe that's I loved lucky Dube when he had accomplished his mission in this world and he's no way to be seen again.I like this man and remember him a lot. may your soul rest in peace. we adores u

May your soul rest in perfect peace | Reviewer: Kseby1er
    ------ About the song Together As One performed by Lucky Dube

Why so many discrimination in this world?
Lucky Dube my fun you had been a legend for the whole world, the fighter of freedom.You fought through your lyrics for the abolition of apartheid but no one listened to your message.Now that you are no more we gonna miss you.
May your soul rest in peace. And may the Almighty God remember you in his Kingdom.

back to my roots | Reviewer: jahman
    ------ About the song Back to My Roots performed by Lucky Dube

I love lucky dube since I was a little boy growing in kenya where his music was and still number one roots reggae, all the music aje played is rich with positive teachings and entertainment. Easts never dies I believe he is resting in zion singing for Jah.

unfaithful friends | Reviewer: funyguy
    ------ About the song Mirror Mirror performed by Lucky Dube

lucky dube may God acept ur soul in his kingdom.all teaches me alot of things i dont knw especialy this one..may be is even ur so called friends that killed u,but i pray they wil neva have peace..

no truth in this world | Reviewer: Matege
    ------ About the song War and Crime performed by Lucky Dube

I wish theres some thing i can do to that killer who put the breats in Lucky Dube's body;man,its apill i can't swallow i continue to suffer that pain. L.D is my star. I Miss U Lucky Dube because without u the game of regge is boring ever since u left papa.

why it is that good people die young?.why!!! | Reviewer: Collins takyi
    ------ About the song The Way It Is performed by Lucky Dube

lucky dube i wish u are still alive,because when we look at our locality some people who want to be in power will fool some people nd after all they reject the way it is, talks about how our leaders fool some people and reject them.though he's dead but his tongue will never die!!!.may his soul rest in perfect peace.

feelings about the and the performer luckey dube | Reviewer: thuranira njiba james
    ------ About the song Victims performed by Lucky Dube

For and just a matter of fact,this song is so warthy and am educative one to the today's african youth who just take many souls of very innocet brothers and sisters without any feer or good it will be when each and every one us look each other like a sister?.when will they stop killing each other?.i just pray that jah will make them see the bitter side of this.let none die a premature death.let none kill his or her brother.I LOVE THIS HERO LUCKEY DUBE AND I HOPE TO MEET HIM ONE TIME IN OUR NEXT LIFE PART.JAH rest his soul in an holly and peacefall place.I miss you pilip Dube.i to homner you.we all African pray for you whenever you are hopping to see you soon.

Romeo | Reviewer: Akpokiniovo Godstime
    ------ About the song Romeo performed by Lucky Dube

To Lucky Dube is a legend. To reggae music, I love all his track, most especially "Romeo" each time I listen to his music I just forget about my pains, too bad that he is no more, but I promise you he is going to be for ever remain the best reggae musician to me, dube is the best

Music is Life | Reviewer: Sam omenta nduko
    ------ About the song Crazy World performed by Lucky Dube

I was born with music inside me.
Music was one of my parts. Like my
ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart.
Like my blood. It was a force already
within me when I arrived on the
scene. It was a necessity for me-like
food or water.Am from kenya and a number one diehard fun of Philip Lucky Dube

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