Lucky Dube Albums

  • Together As One Album (1/1/2010)
    Together As One
    Eyes Of The Beholder
    On My Own
    Truth In The World
    Children In The Street
    Jah Save Us

  • Respect Album (4/17/2007)
    Shut Up
    Political Games
    Changing World
    Shembe Is The Way
    Celebrate Life
    The One
    Choose Your Friends
    Never Leave You
    Touch Your Dreams

  • The Other Side Album (1/13/2004)
    Number in the Book
    The Other Side
    Ding Ding Licky Licky Licky Bong
    Cool Down
    Family Ties
    Divorse Party
    Julie! Julie!
    The Bully

  • Soul Taker Album (6/11/2002)
    Put a Little Love
    Sleeping Dogs
    Teach the World
    Soul Taker
    Money Money Money
    Is This Freedom
    Love Me (The Way I Am)
    Good Girl
    Sins of the Flesh

  • The Way It Is Album (8/17/1999)
  • Taxman Album (6/17/1997)
  • Serious Reggae Album (10/29/1996)
  • Trinity Album (2/1/1995)
  • Victims Album (2/1/1993)
  • House of Exile Album (2/1/1992)
  • Prisoner Album (2/1/1991)
  • Slave Album (2/1/1990)

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    Reviews about Lucky Dube albums
    Together as one | Reviewer: Mario Richie
        ------ About the album Together As One performed by Lucky Dube

    Everytime i listen to this talented reggae artist "i felt sad about his death" african wat a great loose.....Africans wake up....Plz let come together as one nd unite as family.....Just as Bob Marley also said in his album..Africans unite

    Wen u die part of me left with u | Reviewer: Eugene
        ------ About the album House of Exile performed by Lucky Dube

    U motivated me at school by the song called"follow ur dream".even now dube ur still da best,we still lov u R.I.P .u may no longer exist in da earth bt u still exist in my mind.

    MISSING U | Reviewer: James Nyirenda
        ------ About the album Together As One performed by Lucky Dube

    I think Mama Africa is still silent since the demise of that reggae legend.He was a talented brave warrior.'Together as one' holds a strong message that reveals the secret that people are one despite racial or tribal differences.the murder wanted to kill a nigerian,does a nigerian deserve such a brutal death? It's high time you woke up Africa.THOU SHALT NOT MURDER! Iam missing this wise singer.LET'S COME TOGETHER AS ONE!

    The house of exile | Reviewer: Artur c.mucamba
        ------ About the album House of Exile performed by Lucky Dube

    It's so great that your positive influence in musics contributed to such extend that people have got more wisdom.the rhythm of reggae music bcame a permanent lifestyle to new a: dead bt your aspirations did not expire in all Africans..

        ------ About the album Taxman performed by Lucky Dube

    This song mirror mirror teach us about wisdom from the elders if u can spend time with them and it also teach us about trust to friends we have in our life. So all i can encourage to all people world wide, i edge them to play LUCKY DUBE songs especially media because those songs are education. And i also want to encourage all department of education Globally to use lucky dube s lyrics to teach children then u wil see we are going to have brighter future for tommorow. Rest in peace my brother Lucky Phillip Dube. I wil alway remember u. From your young brother matome Bopape.

    Mr Dube at his best | Reviewer: Thabo Joseph Relebohile Makhetha
        ------ About the album Victims performed by Lucky Dube

    Lucky Dube was one of the most talented artist to ever grace South African soil. With victims, he does no injustice to that fact. The album begins with the upbeat and irresistable "Different Colours/One people" (which is one of the best songs in the reggae king's catalogue) about racial differences having no power over a people's unity. Be you from Ghana, America or The Uk, we are one people. "Lovers In A Dangerous Time", in contradiction with the 1st track, tells of how two people who loved each other could not be together in any part of the world due to their racial differences. Dube gives a very descriptive imagery of this story and the music is heart catching, making this one a must-listen-to.
    The title track is one of the best numbers in this package. A very somber tune, it reports of how blacks of the time where not only victims of Government oppression by the Whites, but also of brutality from their own people. The song makes reference to Bob Marley's Redemption Song, showing the influence the original reggae king has had on the singer. The next song, "My World", talks of the "kingdom of the children", where financial worries are of no existance. Lucky Dube uses the musical genius of himself and his musicians to make this one just as enjoyable a song as the rest. The vocals on this track are just beautiful. "My Game" is a reggae blues number with a bass line bearing a certain similarity to Bob Marley's "Crazy Baldhead", but the song is without a doubt unique and head-grooving in its own right and is one to remember on the album. "Keep On Knocking" is yet another example of the flawlessness of the vocals of Debrah Frasser and the other backing vocalists on this album. Even so, Lucky Dube's falsetto destroys The song is about siblings who protect their mother from an abusive partner. With an Afropop tinge to it, it just keeps you hooked on what's to come. "Soldiers of Righteousness" is about those who carry the torche for justice. The rock influence of the guitar parts, the production and the beat of the whole song should make it any driver's anthem. "You Know (Where to find me)" is one of Lucky Dube's greatest love songs...enough said! "Johnny" also carrying some inspiration from a Marley song, "Johnny Was", will be one of a lot of people's favourites on this album. It also illustrates how brilliantly Lucky Dube uses the music in his songs to make them world class standards. Along with the tittle track and Different Colours, it is the best song here and it is just unforgettable. Hats off!!
    "Little Heroes" about the deffenseless and faultless victims of arbortion, is a smooth and easy reggae track to listen to on a warm sunday afternoon. It brilliantly brought the album to an end.
    Bravo Mr Dube!

    the other side | Reviewer: philly blu 30
        ------ About the album The Other Side performed by Lucky Dube

    my reason why i love lucky dube album is because its really councious reggea and many a times its reality in life and of course am the realest koy phil famous all over the country of belize.yah man...bless..;

    Ernest's favourite album of lucky dube | Reviewer: Sithembiso ernest sambo
        ------ About the album Soul Taker performed by Lucky Dube

    This album has been my favourite from the time i started listening at it,it motivates,,inspire,courage nd lives u wth a rhetorical mind of how life is lived on this innocent earth.good gal,love me,fugitive nd romeo ar the most song dat touches deep in to my heart nd make me feel emotional.salute 2 him.

    We gat to come together as one. | Reviewer: Aladeokin Hardeyrhemmy
        ------ About the album Together As One performed by Lucky Dube

    If we hear what he said about this song and the the way he was murdered. What the murderer said was that, "He thought he was a Nigerian"......why killing eachother, can even imaging in the same continent (AFRICA). South African wanted to killed a nigerian.....but killed an Innocent Artist from the South Africa. Lucky Phillip DUBE, we love you, but GOD loves You most.......Good Night my No.1 Africa Reggae LEGEND.

    hero | Reviewer: andy from suriname
        ------ About the album The Other Side performed by Lucky Dube

    i didnt want to put a title ,butt i had 2
    why i didnt want to do that because all lucky songs are very good the lyrics and the music are always a match
    he change my life and because of him i became a better person in life ,
    in this life i was granted the honor to became a friend of lucky
    and for that i thank god that he gave me that chance and now my way of live is what lucky has preach in his life ,
    go out and teach people about righteousness.

    rest in peace my brother

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