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Behind those eyes lies the truth and grief...
Behind those beautiful smiles I've seen tragedy...
The flawless skin hides the secrets within...
Silent forces that secretly ignite your sins.

Fly away, fly away
From the torch of blame
They hunt you,
Lucifer's Angel.
Never lived, never died
Your life has been denied
They call you,
Lucifer's Angel.

Beyond these clouds you can hide all your tears,
Beyond this world you'll be safe from their wicked fears,
And in their hearts they fear your demands,
You know their minds won't accept you, they'll never understand...

Fly away, fly away,
From the torch of blame
They hunt you,
The Lucifer's Angel.
Never lived, never died
Your life has been denied,
They call you,
Lucifer's Angel.

On your own - I know you can make it.
Truth or bone - I know you can shake it.
Survive alone - know you can take it.

Fly away, fly away
From the torch of blame,
They hunt you,
Lucifer's Angel.
Never lived, never died
Your life has been denied
They call you,
Lucifer's Angel.

Fly away, fly away
Run away, run away
Hide away, hide away
Lucifer's Angel.

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epic | Reviewer: harry | 12/12/11

i love how this song describes perfectly how it feels to be ostriscized for things you may or may not have done, how you look, or what you say(pardon any inncorrect spelling), and how the fears of such leads to running away ("Fly away, fly away, From the torch of blame They hunt you, The Lucifer's Angel. Never lived, never died Your life has been denied, They call you, Lucifer's Angel.
"). it shows how things shouldnt be taken at face value, because everyone hides their terrors at some point, somehow ("Behind those eyes lies the truth and grief...
Behind those beautiful smiles I've seen tragedy...
The flawless skin hides the secrets within...
Silent forces that secretly ignite your sins.")
i dont know if theres a way to stop such, but i like how this song brings a subconcious awareness to the fact. also, if anyone has a more complete meaning to this song, please share.

love this song | Reviewer: anon | 12/1/11

It fits a couple of my story characters SO well! :D I love it, if you actually know what the song is talking about it's great. if your'e a dumbass like sonofgod who doesn't get the lyrics AT all, i feel very truly sorry for your pathetic lack of an existance. get a life.

Satan Worshipers!! | Reviewer: SonOfGod | 3/4/11

This band TheRasmus are proven to be satan worshiper...beware everyone who wants not to destroy own soul.
Lucifer is another name of satan and the fallen angel...he is the cause of all deceptions of our life..
Beware of Darkness.

Amazing comment, pie! | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/23/11

wow, I feel like I learned so much from these comments. Just a year ago, I could see myself being mean to and disliking the people who wrote that they could relate to this song, whose lives are probably sad enough already. I feel sort of ashamed, the comment by pie says so clearly what I have been trying to figure out for so long. Why couldn't I think of that? People shouldn't be annoyed at people for being sad and depressed, they are just more sensitive than others and they would probably chose to be happy and to fit in if they could. Why should we be bothered, when they are the ones suffering. I have sort of been becoming shyer and shyer over time and can finally understand how much people can hurt eachother. People can act like I am a burden and probably laugh and say that I am so awkward and annoying when I am not there. I hear it all the time. Why do people feel the need to hurt eachother? Can't they find anything else to talk about? I finally understand.

Wow... | Reviewer: Pie | 9/26/10

This song is amazing :)
I get what its saying and it uniquely beautiful :D
Also to all those jerks being jerky. You dont exactly no what happened to that 12 yr old behind the screen. And you dont know whats happened to those other people. So maybe just loosen up. They maybe crying wolf, but remember its probably because they are lonely, they probably do have a shit life and you act like its the worst thing in the world. Perhaps you should really think before you comment. Because you have NO idea whats happened behind the screen :/

like song but can't relate sorry | Reviewer: Brianne | 8/1/10

The song is great, but I've led a happy life and have really nothing to complain about. Oh, and kid, if you really did get shot, I can't say I blame you for trying to a hero, but you should try it when you have something to back up your heroics. Like training or experience

Angels... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/10

This song is just awesome. I loved it the first time I heard it, I think it really fits in the themes of Death Note...Yeah.
And to those emos who go 'I relate to this song!' and ESPECIALLY that jerk who got shot (by the way, I think you're making it up. No one gets shot in the chest and survives), I think this song isn't talking about anything you can relate to at all, so just stop talking about you, ok?

....i really love this song... | Reviewer: Hunter (really this is how everyones call me) | 1/20/10

I really love this song, because well I know how is hell, seriously, my life is a pain, I think that the song describes me, but...well I don't care, someone said to me that I needed to stop being the brave and cold person that protected everyone, because I always get hurt, but I will be the same until this song disapears....XD...seriously...this song really describes me...

Love it... | Reviewer: Lyss | 12/15/09

I unortunately have had the experience to understand this song...It is beautiful and i know that this song can describe many but being accused of things you did not do...or being accused of things that you had no control over...i do not feel the need to share my story but know that those who have not had this happen to them...consider yourself lucky...consider it a blessing

rant | Reviewer: Silver | 11/26/09

How do so many people think they can relate to this song? It's like they're bragging about it but it's NOT a good thing (see how Lucifer's angel tries to HIDE the sorrow?)and I hate people like you. You too, who thinks they have the most tragic life in the history of the world(person who got shot). You are lucky you lived after being so stupid and at least you wanted to live. really, nowadays people like this only exist in manga. And most important, I LOVE THIS SONG

THE RASMUS/REVIEWER EFI | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/09


Just A Side Note | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/09

To the person who was shot... I am truly sorry for your loss, but many people suffer that, and much worse. It's true, everyone needs to value their life much more. Just remember, a lot of people go through hell. Everyday. I do. You're no different. Maybe we don't suffer physical pain, but emotional can be so much worse.

Also, though it may seem big and brave, being the hero isn't the greatest. Next time don't get youself hurt, ok? It might be worse next time, so be safe! ^-^

hao asakura | Reviewer: abby | 8/16/09

so beautiful.... the first time i hear it accidentally is on youtube, watching hao's videos. i click some thing and the song is LUCIFER'S ANGEL, so cool,..... it follows the animes,,. that time, i went crazy,, hahahahaaha ( seriously! )

Review about Lucifer's Angel | Reviewer: Lucfer's Angel | 8/11/09

To all of you people who believe that this song is describes you...Yodo not know hell...i heard this song the day my great grandma died..Then later that day my family and i were at the bank..there was a robbery and i tried to be the big guy. I ened up getting shot in the chest multipul times.. In the hospital the doctors pronounced me dead after two days. They said there was no way i would live. I was in hell. I know what it looks like. And i know what i'm dealing with. I am a mear 12 yr.old child but i know hell. I woke up and the bullets were lieing on A nearby table. and i was alive. This just the thing i relate to. So all you people out there who think you're life is so bad and all you goth people who try to convince us that for some odd reason your life is meaningless. Learn what hell is and then you'll realize just how fucking lucky you are. Beautiful song...

the fading ones | Reviewer: janrae mendoza | 7/22/09

...,./.great song from the Rasmus. this is a great story fortelling a life of a person that was been denied by his friends and family...especially it draws a feeling about despair and great anger within himself,..."he/she" in the song felt grief because of the wicked fears and abandonment of man.

it sometimes relate to me, because I was always been abandoned by my friends without knowing the real reason, i felt that i was all alone and that there was nothing that I could do about it but to cry and feel all the pains i suffer from all the events. Also it relates me to love sometimes, they always felt disgustion in my appearance, though i do not have the reason there to be annoyed by everyone.

Great song really from the rasmus...a very relating song.

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