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It's not what you think. The exotic one-name thing. In
fact, nothing about LUCIA is what you might expect. Yes,
she goes by a single name. And yes, she's a strong-willed
chanteuse. But she's not another one-named diva - a
producer's fanatasy made manifest for mass consumption. The
world barely has a use for the ones currently littering the
pop landscape. Rather LUCIA (pronounced Loo-CHEE-ah) is her
own creation. And FROM THE LAND OF VOLCANOS is a
realization. A Realization of a rich, varied musical
life...of strength derived from More...

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Lucia is a national treasure | Reviewer: SpaceGhost
    ------ About the song I Will performed by Lucia

It would be a shame if you did not go out and listen to "From the Land of Volcanoes". The writing and vocals by Lucia Ciferelli is nothing short of genius. While you are at it you should check out "KGC Dirty Bomb", another project from Lucia. Yhis time with Dean Garcia and Sascha Konietzko. You know how good this team could be, if you really know about music.

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