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Lucero played our first show in April 1998 in a Memphis
warehouse across the street from the Loraine Motel where
Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. Brian Venable and I (Ben
Nichols) decided to start a country band. The idea of
“country” being somewhere between the Pogues, Johnny Cash,
Gram Parsons, and Tom Waits. Brian said early on he wanted
to be in a pretty country band that could play hardcore
shows and piss off the punk rockers. Most of ‘em liked it

Neither Brian or I had played guitar before being in
Lucero. Brian had More...

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Review about Lucero songs
Songs like these... | Reviewer: Skippy
    ------ About the song Nights Like These performed by Lucero

I love the heart and soul and originality that this band brings to the table. I wish more modern bands had what they have but it seems that the music industry isn't allowing anything original to get to the masses. I feel very lucky to have found them and I really wish they would come back to Albuquerque soon. I need a fix!

Doesnt sound right to me... | Reviewer: Tanner
    ------ About the song Bike Riders performed by Lucero

I thought the first line was"Kathy met her girlfriend at a place so raw and grim, swore if she got out alive she'd not go back again". I'm no expert, that's just what it sounded like to me.

lucero | Reviewer: ariel
    ------ About the song Nights Like These performed by Lucero

This song is amazing!! It's important 2 me because this was how I felt during a bad break-up with my boyfriend of almost a year. I still love him unconditionally and i wish he felt the same. Oh well at least I can listen to this song and it not make me cry anymore! I think I'm getting better!

jez | Reviewer: jparker
    ------ About the song I'll Just Fall performed by Lucero

this is MY JAM! this song describes me to a T....sadly. i love luceros soft country twag melodies, they make me happy. this song makes me happy because it feels like atleast SOMEONE understands me somewhere in this world...

deffinately a favourite!!!!!! | Reviewer: Beau
    ------ About the song Hold Me Close performed by Lucero

this song has kept me company on many a night, where i've found myself sitting alone in a room drowning my sorrows with every lucero song in my collection on constant repeat.

to me its not about losing a love in a long relationship, more like having really strong feelings for someone, confessing said feelings, and the pain of being rejected.

wonderful | Reviewer: gina
    ------ About the song Nights Like These performed by Lucero

i saw lucero at the armory in cleveland when they played a frat party, and your songs are like my comfort!! i love everythin they do and the way they write their songs, and the meaning that is behind them means alot when it comes to my love for music!! dont ever stop what you were obviously meant to do!!

This is me. | Reviewer: Brooke
    ------ About the song She Wakes When She Dreams performed by Lucero

We've all cried.
We've all felt low.
We've all "dreamed of better days".

When you can listen to a song,
&. tha lyrics jump at you liek these do to me,
you've felt something ..
This song screams at me.
&. I feel myself through these lyrics.

the gift that these guys have | Reviewer: jonathan
    ------ About the song Nights Like These performed by Lucero

Talk about putting one feeling deep inside into lyrics. I havent found many songs by Lucero that doesnt bring out a deeper side in me. If you bounce all over the world like I do you come across a lot of things that you try to pull close....but before you can touch it....its gone.

strong feelings | Reviewer: mandy
    ------ About the song Nights Like These performed by Lucero

this song makes me feel many diffrent feelings. i sit & listen to this song on my ipod & i start to know the feeling of this song like nights you just sleep all day feeling depressed. nothings going right & your heart hurts. when you just want to give up cause no matter hard you seem to try nothing gets better. You just want to turn on the world. but you realize there are people there for you in your time of need.

love it | Reviewer: Stevie
    ------ About the song Hold Me Close performed by Lucero

A waltz the way a waltz should be, a song about holding on to the last vestige of hope in a doomed relationship. Sometimes it's just time to give up the ghost. No matter how much you love, it won't make things right... So beautiful, simple, and so so sad.

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