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Flipper Lowrider Lyrics

Last updated: 08/16/2001 11:27:09 PM

So you´re a lowrider, man
Walkin´down the street
Get into your lowrider
all those girls you´ll meet
Get out after school
Just to play it cool
So you go to class at school
And you´re acting real cool
With those girls in their catholic dresses
You want to be real nice
But you know they´re just your vice
A man
Let´s go down to target video
and beat up some punk rockers
Snort some dust and cruise slow
And slower
They have those punk rock
Parties at target
We gonna beat them up
Say lowrider
Na You guys are fucking boring
Maybe not you two
the rest of you just standing there
Like a fucking bunch of dulls
Why don´t you try and do something at least
Try and kill each other you know
That´s better kiss my boots