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Sometimes I wanna take you down.
Sometime I wanna get you low.
I brush your hair back from your eyes.
I take you down let the river flow.

Sometimes I go and walk the street
Behind the green sheet of glass.
A million miles below their feet
A million miles, a million miles

I'll be with you girl
Like being low
hey hey hey like being stoned
I'll be with you girl
Like being low
hey hey hey like being stoned.

A million poppies gonna make me sleep.
But just one rose it knows your name
The fruit is rusting on the vine
The fruit is calling from the trees

Hey don't you wanna go down
Like some junkie cosmonaut
A million miles below their feet
A million miles a million miles


Blue blue is the sun.
Brown brown is the sky.
Green green are her eyes.
A million miles a million miles

Hey don't you wanna go down
Like some disgraced cosmonaut
A million miles below their feet
A million miles a million miles


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"just one rose, it knows your name.." | Reviewer: Trace Tracy | 3/18/13

Pretty sure that's referencing the "bloom" when you're veining it. That's how you know you've hit the vein, by the "rose red bloom" of blood you pull back before pushin in. And, "knows your name"? Yuh, all it really takes is one first successful fix and that shit will be callin your name the rest of your life...even if you quit. Bangin anything is a horrible addiction, 'cause it's not just the drug...it's the love of the needle. Just throwing that bullshit out there, like anyone really cares...amIrite?! Junkie trivia! Good stuff.

D'oh! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/12

This song is a total reference to heroin use, addiction, and withdrawal. As well as the symptoms that follow including twisted perception and desire. Most references are obvious such as "her" which IS heroin. When talking about fruits rusting on the vine and calling for trees he is referencing the time since his last fix feels as if the fruit of the poppy is rusting. He can hear it calling his name. He has guilt until he uses it and then he's a million miles away like a (junkie) cosmonaut. "One rose and it knows your name" symbolizes that with a single use of the poppy's flower and "she" has got you. Basically the only woman referred to in this song is lady H herself.

Being with you girl. | Reviewer: Slave!!!! | 3/10/12

This song is totally about a heroin addiction,.... When he makes a reference to being with her its her,... her but her as lady heroin or woman super hero. You would think its a love song its,....just it his love of the high the feeling of it.....

(is) like being low | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/11

I thought I had remembered the lyrics as being
"Being with you girl, is like being low,
Hey hey hey, (its) like being stoned"

and thought it was about the way a particular person is making one feel

yet I may have had the lyrics wrong from all that time ago.

Bible refrence etc | Reviewer: michael | 3/8/11

I believe he is trying to convince a virgin to do heroin and have sex with him when he says
"A million poppies gonna make me sleep.
But just one rose it knows your name
The fruit is rusting on the vine
The fruit is calling from the trees"
the first line is a referance to heroine, the second to her "flower" aka v-card,
the third is to how she wants to have sex but her "fruit" is still on the "tree",
the forth line is refuring to adham and eve by saying he "fruit" is "calling" or her sexual instincts are being excited relating sex to eve's disobedience to God due to her temptations :P

Stone! | Reviewer: zack | 2/22/11

If you get the correct lyrics he is saying stone. Like I will be with you girl like being low hey hey like being stone. As in together all the way. There for her. I think it has some drug reference in it too. At least get the lyrics right.

Twisted Lyrics has you all confused | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/10

After reading all the reviews most of you think its just about doing drugs, well every song has a drug reference in them, like the Beatles "Hey Jude" is suppose to be about heroin, its also suppose to be about a person. So this is one of them twisted songs, you can think its about being on drugs or think about it as in love with a woman you can't have, or both twisted together. Its still a love song. Some think its love for drugs or in love for a woman... its a twisted love song and you have the right to believe either side because its meant to go both ways depending if your a junkie or just unlucky at love. Twisted love songs are also top sellers and that is why its meant to go both ways.

old but hrmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/10

If you listen to this song then read the lyrics then relisten and the watch the video you will realize that this song is about one of 2 things :

Either his drug addiction and what it has done to him and his life and how it makes him feel or it's about a woman but on the same level.

As in she is no good for him , brings him down and treats him like shit ... but he suffers through it for some moment of bliss at some point.

Although I don't think it's about a woman.. I think "she" is heroin and that he refers to himself in the 3rd person ... the song is like him talking with the "drug" and it talking back to him ... the battle of any addict.

Although I still think it's best to have your own meaning and relationship with a song vs what it really was intended to convey... but usually your self thought meaning will be pretty accurate to the real message just may be applied slightly different..

Either way this is still a great song and I miss the era and all the other good music that came along with it.. Music now days is so boring .. so bland .. so unoriginal and so garbage... I guess I finally understand what my Dad hears in all that music he enjoys so much : )

Mah Thoughts | Reviewer: This One | 10/29/10

When he says,
"A million poppies gonna make me sleep"
That's totally from the wizard of oz. I thought he might be referencing heroin as well but that wasn't my first thought. And if he is saying "stoned" as opposed to "stone", I think he's implying that being with the girl is as awesome as being stoned; that was my initial thought upon hearing the song.

low | Reviewer: Danny | 3/5/10

yeah he's definetly singing about herion but i think he's trying to convince the girl to do it as well. he says "like being stoned" maybe trying to tell her its kinda like being stoned...ha but honestly i dont know...

Choolie on Heroin | Reviewer: choolie | 2/23/10

This song is about doing heroin this is why he says
A million poppies gonna make me sleep.

Hey don't you wanna go down
Like some junkie cosmonaut

As for the girl in this song I believe that he is stating basically what he is saying He will be with a girl if she enjoys being low and stoned

the ending,

Blue blue is the sun.
Brown brown is the sky.
Green green are her eyes.
A million miles a million miles

kind of reminds me of trainspotting where Renton tries to get off heroin cold turkey and loses his perseption on reallity

I kind of wonder why the millions are so attractive but its more then likely the largeness of the number (cant think of a word for largeness)

It's a comparison | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/09

"I'll be with you girl
Like being low
hey hey hey like being stoned
I'll be with you girl
Like being low
hey hey hey like being stoned."

I think that he is comparing his girl to drugs in this verse. He MIGHT be saying that being with her is like being on "some kind of substance." He might be saying that being with her feels as good as being stoned??

Online Pills | Reviewer: Gigi | 5/7/09

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Yes and No | Reviewer: Stevo Darkly | 3/27/09

Justin's interpretation is brilliant. I don't think it's quite correct, though.

Knowledgeable people who have experienced heroin addiction seem to be unanimous that the song describes what that addiction feels like.

However, I don't think the song is *about* heroin -- it is about a girl, and he is comparing his love for the girl with the feeling of addiction.

The key verse is "A million poppies gonna make me sleep ... Just one rose, it knows your name." The "poppies" is a reference both to heroin and to the scene in Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and her friends fall asleep, which almost leads to the end of their journey and their doom.

The narrator knows his heroin addiction is bad for him. He knows his love for the girl-- "the rose" -- while similar, is much better. And he has to act on this knowledge quickly and choose love over drug addiction, because the "fruit" of their love, which is calling to him, is in danger of going bad soon.

At the same time, he also sometimes has a perverse desire to introduce the girl to heroin herself, to corrupt her like himself. (Reviewer "I've got it" says he felt a somewhat similar feeling when he was addicted.) Sometimes the narrator wants to "take her down." This is also a sexual reference, of course, but lyrics can have a double meaning. (And "Let the river flow" = ejaculate, but also to inject from a needle.) If he idealizes the girl, he may see having sex with her as "corrupting" her in a similar, bad but pleasurable way.

"Blue is the sun ... brown is the sky ... green is her eyes." He does idealize her to some extent, because everything else (the sun, the sky) seems duller and less bright than it really is, compared to her brilliance (her lovely green eyes).

He knows that if he succeeds in corrupting and addicting the girl, it will be a great downfall for her ... like the downfall of a disgraced, drug-addicted cosmonaut, falling down a million miles from space to below the feet of everyone else. The same way he feels when high/low on heroin.

In short, he loves her like heroin. But he is torn. He wants to choose her love and give up his addition, elevating himself to be worthy of her. But at the same time, he feels an opposing desire to keep the addiction and corrupt her, to drag her down to his level.

This is really a combo of you other folks' ideas, but I think this one covers all the bases.

Even if... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/09

Love the song by the way love love love
but even if it's about drugs (i really think it is but lol what do I know)

There are many many many ads on this page alone if that all the lyric pages for this song on rehabs and self-help books on how to quit drug use. so no matter what you post next someone out there is noticing that people are going to this song lyric page and are discussing drugs. it's a magnet for it and there are advertising on this page because they know taht is the kinds of people submitting. think about it lol

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