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Santana Low Rider Lyrics

Last updated: 11/07/2010 10:00:00 AM

All my friends know the Low Rider
The Low Ri-der is a little higher

Low Ri-der drives a little slower
Low Ri-der is a real go'er


Low Ri-der knows every street yeah
Low Ri-der is the one to meet yeah

Low Ri-der don't use no gas now
Low Ri-der don't drive too fast

Take a little trip
Take a little trip
Take a little trip and see

Take a little trip
Take a little trip
Take a little trip with me...

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awsome | Reviewer: angelena | 1/13/2008

hi im angelena jolee you have good lyrics i am giving you a good review. thank you for taking the time to read the review.

anelena jolee

This is a War Song | Reviewer: J C Smeed | 9/3/2007

This song is a War song released on their 1975 album "Why Can't we be friends", it is not a Carlos Santana song although this mistake is a common one as well as people mistaking it for a ZZ Top song. You do however have the lyrics correct which are also commonly written on other sites incorrectly so whoever posted this did get more right than a lot of other people do.