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Of Monsters, Angels, and Rocknroll
- an introduction to Lovedrug -

Like many great bands, there is something hauntingly
spiritual and honest about Lovedrug. The Ohio-based rock
band delivers highbrow sound akin to Spiritualized, Sunny
Day Real Estate, or Muse, crossed with the pop sensibility
and arena grandeur of Queen. A unique crossbreed of art and
accessibility, powerful melodies are driven by smartly
crafted lyrics of truth, intrigue, love, death, and damn
near everything in between.

Only those who have seen the band live can More...

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Reviews about Lovedrug songs

The Adverse Effects Of Lovedrugs | Reviewer: JordanListening
    ------ About the song Spiders performed by Lovedrug

I think it was around 4am when Omar rang my cel and announced that he was on his way over to my place. Unfortunately, as much as I would have accommodated him, I was still in Katipunan finishing the edit that I had come to do for Nap. I was tired, and Omar was drunk. I told him the situation and advised him to start texting other people who might be near him where he could crash. I think he texted me a few minutes after. But the text tone fell on deaf ears. Partly because I played deaf to it, and partially because I was just too tired to hear. My mind begged to be released from the responsibility of thinking(of anything at all, any further).

I finished the work.

It was before I tried to lie down and sleep that I read Omar's reply. It read: "Walang sumasagot sa mga shyet! Grabe, am lasing/".(Not one of those bastards replied! I'm sooooo drunk!!!)
I was struck by a wave of melancholy. We are such splendid examples of outcasts, we even cast out each other.
I tossed and turned but sleep didn't come to my rescue.

About three hours ago, I poured myself a glass of red and smoked a pipe load of weed. I'm the luckiest drug addict to have family relations who have wine in their ref as well as a pot-pouch(which I can actually drink and smoke in front of them). :) High and still unable to sleep, I decided to go online. It was while browsing through contact's recent updates that I ran into "Lovedrug". I clicked on the proverbial "Play entire playlist". This song crept out of the speakers. Softly at first, captivating me with it's simple chords and silky vocals. And then... BAM!!! Melodic wrecking ball straight to the heart!!!
...I've been crying since then. I'll stop for a while and the tears will dry but I won't wipe them off, because they feel good as salt tracks on my face.

I think people like me are funny because we need to be. Though somewhere deep inside me courage pales and sadness wells. Lovedrug makes me weep because I've known their music forever even if it's the first time I'm hearing it. I empathize with their words, for having experienced these emotions first hand I know... I'll probably write something along these lines someday.

Cuts aplenty and mouth with sores, I'll cry myself finally to sleep. Therapy for madness. Lovedrug... Lovedrug... What a cruel mistress; beautiful and unmoved.

Life is short we should take chances as well as give them.

Come on, come on and say so...

Cute | Reviewer: Shavony
    ------ About the song Goodbye Blue Fly performed by Lovedrug

The Guitar in this song is so good; this song is so pretty.

P-E-R-F-E-C-T | Reviewer: Katra
    ------ About the song Pretend You're Alive performed by Lovedrug

I love this song! if you don't have it already, listen to a free trial of it and if you like download. This song and rhythm is perfect

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