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Firehouse Love of a Lifetime Lyrics

Last updated: 08/25/2014 06:56:14 AM


I guess the time was right for us to say
We'd take our time and live our lives together day by day
We'll make a wish and send it on a prayer
We know our dreams can all come true with love that we can share

With you I never wonder - will you be there for me
With you I never wonder - you're the right one for me

I finally found the love of a lifetime
A love to last my whole life through
I finally found the love of a lifetime
Forever in my heart, I finally found the love of a lifetime

With every kiss our love is like brand-new
And every star up in the sky was made for me and you
Still we both know that the road is long
(But) we know that we will be together because our love is strong


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For my husband | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/14

I met this guy more that 11 years ago. I know he love me so much that he went out of his comfort zone just to fulfill my dreams. He sacrificed by giving up everything just to provide what he thinks I deserve. We got married and have a kid. Except from giving birth to our child, I never had difficulties all throughout my pregnancy until finally being a mother. As time past, we had misunderstanding due to lifestyle differences. Hard days came across, my love was nearing to fade away. We are almost drifting apart. I am trying to hold on...trying to keep the love burning but everytime I got hurt my heart go crashing until I just realized that I have given up.

One day, out of the blue this song came across my mind. I first heard this song when I was with him in the place where we decided to fulfill our dreams. Infront the Fountain of Wealth, i promised myself to be with him for the rest of my life.

I hope someday, he will read this message. I am still struggling to relight the love we once had.

To you: I am still willing to give our love a chance. I hope I would be with you on the last breath I will take. I am so sorry for my shortcomings.

love this song and is weird dedication for me | Reviewer: Katrina | 2/15/14

most people have dedicated this song to their spouse but it means something different for me. I lost my first child to adoption and when I had my 2nd I would and still do sin it to him and hes almost 8 yrs old now. my child is my "love of a lifetime" and always will be, he is the most important thing in my life and more important then any man could ever be! this is my dedication to him and is such a cool song that I've loved since it was released and I'm 35 now so I was young when I first heard it :)

who knows what our fate would be.... | Reviewer: Taurus | 6/18/13

we were both 16 when we loved each other..we parted ways to pursue our dreams and it really hurts..we went our ways. then we both got married..after 40 yrs of separation, we were able to find each other again.the memory of the young love, first love's still there.. i am free but he is not. yes, we got love for a lifetime but who knows what our fate would be...what we have now is to dream that someday,somehow, we would be in each other's arm to fulfill our love for a lifetime...

Thank you for this song 01/018/2013 | Reviewer: hazel_yhaj | 1/18/13

my suitor dedicate this song for me "love of a lifetime".. and both of us waiting the time that we will still forever as a love for a lifetime....every time i have heard this music he only the one reminds me..hope some day we will see each other... even this wish wont come true,, i still her for you.

My Love Of A Lifetime.. | Reviewer: Cheren'k | 10/24/12

This song really suits our love..I met the love of my life, 4 and half years back n every tym we met, we feel tat our love is alwyz lyk brand new..N whenever i listen 2 tis song it always reminds me that, i have found the LOVE OF MY LIFE...HONEY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH N WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU...N Thank'Q FIREHOUSE for the beautiful song..!!

love of a lifetime for Jesus | Reviewer: arljoy | 10/13/12

Lord Jesus I love u for a lifetime. You gave yourself to save our sins. You are a great Lord.. You deserve to be love for a lifetime. Thanks for saving our sins. Lord helps us everyday and guide us always. And heal every ill and disease we have. Lord Jesus. Your always in my heart. And now I finally found you. To be love for a lifetime

To my heart, K | Reviewer: Ayoe | 9/10/12

I've heard and even play this song with my guitar long time before. But i didn't realize how passionate, beautiful and meaningfull the lyric is! Now i know that when i got ur love for the second time. You are my first and last love of my life, K... love of my lifetime... Thank you for understanding me and giving me second chance. I will never leave you, baby, i swear... And thanks to Firehouse... :)

To my heart K. | Reviewer: Ayoe | 9/10/12

I've heard and even play this song with my guitar long time before. But i didn't realize how passionate, meaningful and beautiful the lyric is. Now i know that when i've got ur love for the second time. K, i've made my mistakes in the past. Thank you for understanding me giving me a second chance. You are my first and last love of my life, love of my lifetime. :)
I will never leave you again, i swear...
And special thanks to Firehouse for creating this marvellous song.
I love you K.

JES JEAL: MY LOVE FOR A LIFETIME | Reviewer: Mharj Anne | 8/24/12

This is our theme song.Coz I finally found the LOVE of my lifetime. A love that will last my whole life through.I want to thank my dadi frost for loving me that much.I'm so blessed to have him as my bestfriend and boyfriend.I could not ask for more.All I want to do is to spend my lifetime loving him.And I will love him with all my heart.We just need to just be strong, we will be together forever.Happy 33rd MONTHSARY!!!

Love of MY life | Reviewer: Jim | 6/16/12

I met the love of my lifetime 19 years ago next month. We dated on and off for a few years, then fell out of touch. We came back into each others lives last year and are happily together now. I wish we had not wasted all those years, but we are together now. This song truly describes how I feel about her.

my love of a lifetime | Reviewer: verna g. | 6/12/12

i have heard this song before but i never care bout it until my boyfriend told me he has listened to it and found it to be a go0d song for a wedding, now we enjoyed listening to it and i even got to mem0rize the lyrics... Honey q, ur the love of my lifetime, several yrs has passed but we always feel our love like brand new...i wil always love u, my hapines, my life, my love of a lifetime...

my life | Reviewer: jaynessa | 2/28/12

my bf dedicate this song to me.... there were many times that i felt i dont find someone who love me for a lifetime until i met him.... He was so sweet and he do everything to make me feel i was the girl he was looking for... i was so lucky to have him!!!! and i love him so much!!!!

Wedding Video Background Music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/11

This is one of the songs I have selected for the background music of the video of my wedding which is soon to take place...the words of the song are really appropriate for a wonderful wedding occasion and thereafter...the melody of the music which blends the song is also really heartwarming...

Love of a lifetime | Reviewer: sherry k | 9/20/11

This is the best song- I met this guy 28 years ago when I was dating his friend. I have always liked him and wondered what he was up to. I saw him a couple times over the last few years but didnt let him see me. We ran into each other about 3 months ago and he liked me back then as well. we have been together since then almost everyday, This man is the love of my life. I just wished we didnt waste so much time.

the song | Reviewer: chie | 5/8/11

my suitor dedicate this song for me. at first I didnt like the song. but, as I listen to its lyrics its cute and I realize how sincere he is to me. within this few days he will now become a police officer. and hope to see each other soon...^,^