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Fred Hammond Love Song To The Lamb Lyrics

Last updated: 10/07/2012 08:35:25 AM

[Verse 1:]
I love your name
And I love your touch
I love your voice
How heals my heart
Oh Lord Oh Lord, I'm so in love with you

[Verse 2:]
I love your thoughts
And I love your ways
I love your word
Love to give you praise
Oh Lord Oh Lord, I'm so in love with you

[Chorus 1:]
Oh Lamb Oh Lamb
my sins held you to, to the cross
Oh Lamb Oh Lamb
Your love paid the price for us all

[Repeat verse 1]

[Repeat verse 2]

[Chorus 2:]
Oh Lamb Oh Lamb
Your love covers all, all my faults
Oh Lamb Oh Lamb
My heart longs for all that you are

With a heart of love
And a sincere praise
My true desire is you Oh Lord
With this song of worship
Hands up raised that say
We love you, We love you, We love you, We love you

[Repeat Chorus 1]

[Repeat Chorus 2]

[Repeat Chorus 1]

[Repeat Chorus 2]

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no fluff, no filler, this is pure praise!! | Reviewer: sheila wroten | 10/6/12

I like the album but I love this song. It says everything that I need to say to the Lord. It's that love letter that we've all struggled to write but the words won't flow.So we ask a friend that's shy and can't even talk to a member of the opposite sex but can wax poet on paper, yeah, that's what Fred has done with this song.