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Love of my life - you've hurt me
You've broken my heart and now you leave me
Love of my life can't you see
Bring it back, bring it back
Don't take it away from me
Because you don't know -
What it means to me

Love of my life - don't leave me
You've stolen my love and now desert me
Love of my life can't you see
Bring it back, bring it back
Don't take it away from me
Because you don't know -
What it means to me

You will remember -
When this is blown over
And everything's all by the way -
When I grow older
I will be there at your side to remind you
How I still love you - I still love you

Hurry back - hurry back
Dont take it away from me
Because you don't know
What it means to me

Love of my life
Love of my life ...
Oooh, ooooh...

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this was for mary austin | Reviewer: kia | 3/26/14

there was no denying freddie mercurys homosexuality/bisexuality, but he always loved mary austin, she was his soulmate, someone he loved deeply, and he wrote this for her and tbh their story is alot better and more meaningful than romeo and juliet.

A Brokenhearted dove. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/14

The Dove was the name given to me by my ex boyfriend.He broke up with me 11 days before Christmas Day and i still have no proper reason from him as to why.A month on today i am still so sad.One of the beautiful things to come out of knowing him was he introduced me to the magic and tenderness of this song.For if we had never have met my ears would not have heard one of the most beautiful songs ever to grace the earth.Freddie what a genius you were.I pray some day soon this brokenhearted Dove will be reunited with the love of her life.

sad,...but survive!!!! :) | Reviewer: raplin | 11/28/13

I was used to listen to this song since I was 16 years old and i love the song, now i am 43, but i still keep my love for the song whatever have happened in my life. I ask my daughters to learn to sing, memoriz it, just to remind them that their beloved mother (if i pass away) ever loved this song and use it to keep surviving along my life.. i expect them to be strong women and keep smiling eventhough something bad happened in their life. sad song is not written to make people sad, but it also teaches us how to be survive..

love of my life | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/8/13

we all know that when we love we always get hurt because there is no such thing as perfect...but still we choose to love,,, i fell in love with a guy with his one look..its crazy but its true...i made a mistake in approaching him because it made him feel that we are just making fun of his ignoring and avoiding me, all my calls and texts...its crazy but it hurts me more and more everyday...i miss him...i miss my love of my life....

I remember her | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/12

I remember her, She leaved me alone here in the darkness, I'm dying now, I can't find substitute, "Love of my life - you've hurt me
You've broken my heart and now you leave me" OH GOD PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THE DARKNESS

emmy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/12

i'm from nigeria.i fall in love with myy girl and after five was prenanted by my best friend,and i love the girl she was the love of my life i wished her to come back to my life.i send her the copy of the songs and ever stop dreaming to come to me,but god was so merciful and she will be here tomorrow.

Love of my Life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/12

The love of my life was a massive Queen fan. We'd seen the band live several times. She died a week before her 60th birthday last August after a 40 year marriage.

This wasn't one of here favourite Queen songs. It was one of mine, but now it hurts to hear it.

Love of my life | Reviewer: Faith | 5/3/12

The love of my life is someone that all others pale to in comparison. There was never, nor will ever be anyone who means as much to me as this man did. He died a long time ago and my life lost it's spark. The world is dull and boring and my life has never been the same. And it has been over 30 years.Over 11,000 days.11,142 days to be exact. I have never stopped loving him, thinking of him. He comes to me in my dreams and I kiss his lips,and hug him,and tell him that I love him,and then the dream slips away and I am faced with stark reality,and I feel so awful,even after 30 years, that I want to cover my face and cry. I miss him that much. I am 66 and I will never get used to the world without him. He was killed in a car crash on my birthday.Yes, there is such as thing as the love of your life,and I amm sorry that one of the posters above has never experienced it.

Song | Reviewer: Sialele livi | 2/14/12

Love of my life you've hurt me you've broken my heart and now leave me love of my life can't you take see bring it back don't take it away from me because you don't know what it means to me .you will REMEBER -when this is this blow over and everything all by over and everything all by the way

no such thing as love of your life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/12

to previous reviewer
i know it must hurt like hell, but there is no such thing as THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE... unless you say it is. The love of your life is whoever you say is thelove of your life, so your NEXT partner can be the love of your life too.
So give up the sorry old story about losing the love of your life and move forwards. Fight? What for, that sounds like teenage rubbish. If they do not want to be with you, that's tough luck, im sure there will be some lucky person who will be very very happy to be with you.

It hurts so fucking much.. My story. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/12

The love of my life committed suicide, and even though it's been only 2 months since, I already can tell that there's no recovering for me from that. From the bottom of my heart, good luck for all of you with the "love of your life". And if you had lost them, you should fight to get them back. Please, fight.

why love ending with pain??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/11

i m from morocco, i used to love a women since our highschool , we passed 5 years together and now everything has gone , like the singer sing in his sad song , but the problem is not her, it was me , not defintely me but my entourage and family was brok our dream and killed inside my dreamm and my looove in my soul ....too bad still think of her and love here so much, god how can i live with this pain????!!! all best wishes for life was destroyed , no dream, no aim, nothing but saaadness and lonleness ,

love of my life | Reviewer: crest | 10/15/11

for me this is one of the best sad songs ive ever heard. good quality voice of the singer plus the wonderful accompaniment of the guitars.. it reminds me of my 1st love who will soon get married.. let go, let go, let go girl.

i came back | Reviewer: evey | 8/24/11

Last night i had a dream, that truly do love her. And so today, i sent her a copy of this song. She is all the way downunder and I am in America, but somehow we will find our way to each other. Today, I finally was able to let her love in.

Love of my life--how i still love you, how i still love you.

love of my life | Reviewer: yudi.s | 8/18/11

when i hear this song, i remember the girl that i love in seniour high school,... the time has pass away and now i am in colege but i never forget her three half year and never meet again... but why i love her so bad ,....

i just want her happy but i don't want let her go,...
i feel lonely and miss her so much, but now she has boyfriend and much better than me...
wish the best for you relation hope you never sad... love you forever :')...

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