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Right here what we gonna do is go back

Way way
Way back

I met him when I was a little girl he gave
He gave me poetry and he was my first
But in my heart I knew, I wasn't the only one
Cause when the tables turned he had to break up
Whenever I got lonely, needed some advice
He gave me his shoulder, his words were very nice
That is all behind me,
Cause now there is no other
My love is his and his is mine,
My friend became my....
Love of my life, you are my friend
Love of my life, I can depend
Love of my life, without you baby
Feels like I sampled true love, yeah

A freak, freak ya'll, and you don't stop
To the beat ya'll and you don't stop
A freak, freak

Oh, could it be that it was all just simple so then
A teenage love but you said
He's just a friend
He moved around and we kept in touch through his friend Mike
The world was young and we knew we couldn't rush, but
Whenever I got lonely, or needed some advice
He gave me his shoulder, his words were very nice
That is all behind me,
Cause now there is no other
My love is his and his is mine
My friend became my....
Love of my life, you are my friend
Love of my life, you I can depend
Love of my life, without you baby
Feels like I sampled true love, yeah

Y'all know how I met her
We broke up-got back together
To get her back I had to sweat her
Thought she rolled with bad boys forever
In many ways them boys made it better to grow I had to let her
She needed cheddar, and I understood that
Looking for cheese, that don't make her a hood rat
In fact she's a queen to me, her light beams on me
I love it when she sings to me
It's like that and uh

Love of my life, you know you rock my world
Love of my life
You be boy and I be girl
Love of my life
It don't stop until the break of dawn
Love of my life
You know you rock my world
Love of my life
You be boy and I be girl
Love of my life

And it don't stop, cuz it cant quit, cuz it can't wait

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deja vu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/11

Holy crap this is pretty much the storyof my life right now. In 7th grade i had the biggest crush on one of my now Best Friends. Now im in my second year of high school and he admited that he has liked me ever since 7 th grade:D i always had that feeling of "get over it. Hes your pal not your love" i was, still am, in shock of whats been goin on lately. <3

Back in high school | Reviewer: Ntsane CP | 10/25/11

Love of my life reminds me of the girl I met while in High school, she was my everything and still is, the last time I saw her was in 2004 before I left my home country and hope will meet these December when I visit home. I'm now happily married, I love my wife but wish I could see the Love of my life and play her the song again.

childhood love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/11

I have known the love of my life since we were 4 years old. For years we were disconnected. We reconnected in high school. Over time we got closer and he became my best friend all over again. I come to him when im upset, lost discouraged, happy excited. And he does the same. We can tell each other anything. Right before college he broke my heart horribly. and yet i can not let him go. Hes still my best friend and i still love him. We now attend different colleges thousands of miles apart and my heart still aches for him. This song explains how we have almost always been. I will always love him, with all my heart, regardless of the time we are apart and the fact that i only see him maybe twice a year..on a good year. For some reason its enough for me to keep holding on. He truly is the love of my life. This song is truly one of Badu's best!

THIS SONG IS ABOUT HIP HOP.. | Reviewer: julian | 5/12/11

The "love of her live" is hip-hop.. she is describing the different times of life that she went through and how it build up to be what she is. common also made a song before this called "I used to love H.E.R." both of these are true Hip Hop Artists unlike most of todays "hip hop's"

Our Song | Reviewer: Kim | 2/3/11

I absolutely love this song. I love this song so much that it is my ringtone. My best friend and I are so close but not romanticly and I always tell him that this is our song. Deep down even though we may never get together this song mirrors our friendship and he is the love of my life because he is my friend.

Ode to Hip Hop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/10

While watching the video, & living in the era in which this love first showed it's head, I can only remember when I first heard my first rap song. Rappers Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang. I was 6, and played that album on my portable record player, which lit up simulating the beat of the song. My parents had their artist, mostly bands (Gap, SOS, Ohio Players, etc...) & so on, but I finally had mine. The love affair of rap, likened to the love of someone close is nothing short of brilliant. Finally, a love just for me!

Count on my love forever more. | Reviewer: YoungP | 5/6/10

Everyone has the special someone that brightens up your down or someone you can count on. Well, I met a amazing a guy this year. From the beginning of the school year, I wanted to get to know him. We had a romantic friendship, but mostly he was there when i needed him. He was there with advice and i learnt somethng new everyday. However, we no longer talk like we usually do. We still keep in touch!!!! I know deep in my heart this is just a test and there's more to come. This songs explains ALL Of My feelings for him. J, i will always care for you and you count on me.

best song ever!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/10

omg! this song reminds me of me and my best friend i met him this year and were both juniors. we have this romantic ass friendship where he tells me almost everything and i tell him everything especially my feelings for him and he understands me. we will bith c each other cuz we gon both be in frisco 4 college, i h8 dat female dats with him tho she da only rezon we dont go out

<3 Love This Song<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

I love this song so much :) I'm in highschool and this song just hit my heart because i'm falling for my best friend and I know we will probably go to different colleges but I believe we will always b close because I can tell him anything (We have a slightly romantic friendship and I've told him everything except for how strong my feelings are-typical scenario lol). I luv Erykah Badu n her music!

im happy listening to this | Reviewer: JJ | 3/9/10

well i guess everyone reading is expecting me to say "i had a friend who eventually turned into my lover" but actually no thats not it. Im in high school and met this girl i fell for at first sight during first semester. i layed off her a bit to figure her out personally. i found out shes a really cool person so i decided to ask her out during the second. She said no she just sees me as a friend. Shocked i asked her if there was somebody else. She said she a bf that she knew from childhood nd the relationship grown and strengthened. There was no way i could be that bond. i guess everybody cant get a piece of love =/ but listening makes me feel happy for her regardless

To my Impact in Life Panch LVU | Reviewer: jennifer | 12/9/09

This song is for a very special friend of mine from back in the day that played it on the radio for me and I still play those verses inside my heart for Life. I LVU Erykah badu you are the music of Love mind and soul.

I Dont Know | Reviewer: Tiera | 9/10/09

I have not yet to experience the feelings of falling in love with a friend there for i cant relate to any of the storys below but im 15 and IDK but Erica i think you are beautiful NO HOMO (im not gay )NE ways i love this songs and lot of your other music. now a days you cant find alot of music you can relate to so i hope in this year of "09" and further down the line you make more music even if its a sound track for a movie lol although i dont think they can ever make a movie like "Brown Sugar" ok well i just want you to know thats its a GOD given gift to be able to make music that Spiritually touches someone and make them feel a certain way i think you Erica Badu / India Arie are the BEST!!!!! woman who have ever decided to Sing and share your voice with the world Luv ya Work..... :) p.s im not really the soft type all emotional female but listening to your music really pulls some deep feelings from within i put on repeat and just think and feel like i never have before truthfully thats y i felt i had to type this long.... msg so u would really c where im coming frrom.

great writing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/09

I love how it all sounds like a great love story about relationships when she is really talking about her love of hip hop music. Talking about the tables turning (turntables) and keeping in touch through his friend "Mike" (microphone). Whenever I get lonely or need some advice, I know music has always been there for me. This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Love you erykah!

tru story | Reviewer: raquel | 12/19/08

this song reminds me of me and my new found lover. we have been friends since grade school. when we began college we started to date. its funny because before we only thought of eachother as friends. now we are married with a baby on the way.... i can truly say he is the love of my life!!!!!!!!

Epic | Reviewer: Arielle | 9/29/08

I would have to say these lyrics come deep within
A lot of teenagers can relate .
Every other day somebody in love with new dates of the beginning of their relationship on Myspace pages and what not.
If I had one word to describe it it would definitely have to be PowerfullyEmotional!

lol @ my one word

Love yah ; Badu.

p.s. I hear she likes Wayne!
[fav rap.]

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