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Chief Keef Love No Thotties Lyrics

Last updated: 09/24/2013 08:54:28 AM

[Verse 1]

These bitches act local and think global

Never seen a 100 thousand you want me to show you

What u want that drink I know you hate being sober

And I know all these niggas hate chief Sosa

I'm cruising in my 'Rari with my Louie loafers

Bitch I'm a Rastafari I'm a tooly totter

Wish a nigga would try to screw me over

Now I got blood on my Louie loafers

I wear thousand dollar belts cause I'mma rich nigga

Nina like to buss a bitch the way she hit niggas

Shoes cost a bunch of shit look at my kicks nigga

Could of bought a ass for my bitch Nigga

I'm off this activist got me leanin over

I poured up 4 of Purp and some Peach soda

Your boyfriend a opp Ima nina blow him

You was on the phone with him sucking my dick he ain't even know it