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Chaka Khan Love Me Still Lyrics

Last updated: 09/28/2007 11:00:00 AM

Here is my hand for you to hold
Here's the part of me they have not sold
I've wandered far, i've had my fill
I need you now, do you love me still

Only you have seen the hidden part of me
Call me foolhearted* if you will
But i loved you when, do you love me still

So many smiles and lies surround me
Empty expectations, faceless fears
Sometimes this life is a bitter pill
I love you now, do you love me still

You have been mine since time untold
Our love is immortal, don't you know
Others will come, and they will go
But i loved you young, i love you old

Only you have seen, the other side of me
Call me naive, i think you will
But i loved you then, do you love me still

Here are the eyes that only see you
Here is the mouth that only calls your name
Here is the soul they can not kill * correction here
I love you now, do you love me still

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this makes me cry..... | Reviewer: | 1/14/2005

the is a great song. i heard it in spike's film "clockers" the ending credits. very emotional feeling for me stir. warm and comforting images of a love one you may miss. great song!!!!

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