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Blood, Sweat & Tears Love Looks Good On You (You're Candy Sweet) Lyrics

Last updated: 07/24/2014 08:12:54 AM

Love looks good on you
Love looks good on you
Every time I see your face
I wonder how the sun feels be in second place
The Mona Lisa for many she is pleased
But put her next to you she’s nothing but a tease
With due respect I must confess
The look of love girl really suites you the best
And I plan to keep it that way
Just loving you baby each and every day
Love looks good on you, you’re candy sweet, you can’t be beat
Love looks good on you

Other women I don’t care about
Cause you’re the one that really knocks me out
Your pastime lovers must have had fun
Just look at me now girl, what you have done
I tried so many times before with a love like ours we can’t afford to blow
Sugar with everything you posses
I bet you can even put a blind man to the test
You’re daddy’s little dumpling, girl I know you’re really something

Moonbeams and clover
Dance all through your hair
Makes me wanna reach out and grab you baby
All because I care.
And here’s one thing, one thing I want you to know
Even a rainbow cannot shine your glow

Love looks good on you
You wear it good, I knew you could
Love looks good on you
Love looks so good on you