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Kelly Rowland (Love Lives in) Strange Places Lyrics

Last updated: 01/20/2003 08:39:45 PM

Clover walked in
In his baggy jeans and his Prada shoes
He had a nice shirt, nice scent, nice ice
But he's not the one I'd choose
He's the type I never had
Country and thug with lots of class
Something inside me made me hesitate
So I made him wait

Didn't think he was the one to treat me right
Until he found the love I tried to hide

He said

Love lives in strange places
It's the obvious that never shows
It just might find you when you least expect it
You'll never know, you'll never know
Until you just let go

Now my baby sister's got a two way
And a cell phone
She's always happy when she gets a page
But that's not love, girl that's not home
Real love isn't digital, isn't physical
It's the one who can reach inside
And you don't know why ,but it makes you whole

So if you want the one who reaches deep
Let him see the you that's underneath


It's in the corners of the sky
In the shadows of your mind
The unexpected suddenly
Like the child of destiny
No, you can't can't control the way
So just have faith

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