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Kenny Rogers Love Don't Live Here Anymore Lyrics

Last updated: 05/13/2010 11:00:00 AM

Love don't live here anymore

This is the house that love built
Memories of you,built in each wall
One tender seed still haunt my dreams
Thought I just heard your voice in the hall
The mirrors reflect all the heartache I feel
Smiling photographs, don’t seem real.

Nothing’s been moved, but everything’s changed
Each chair is in place, just my life’s rearranged
The wind cries your name through each window and door
Love don’t live here, love don’t live here anymore.

The fire alight still glows a pale blue
The mantle is cruel holding pictures of you
Your scent lingers there, in the bed that we shared
The last plant I sent is in bloom
These rooms are unkind to play tricks on my mind
I can see how you’ve lived without me.

Nothing’s been …

Guitar solo on verse 1
Nothing's been....

Ending {Love dont live here anymore.}

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She Don't Live Here Anymore/ Kenny Rogers | Reviewer: Marci | 5/11/10

Can you please tell me when the Lyrics to that song was posted by sharrisrdqr? Her name is Sam Harris and she is my mother. She left Iowa a few years ago and no one has heard from her until today. She called my grandmother and said she was dying of cancer. No one knows how to reach her and she will not answer any of our emails. My grandmother is out of her mind with worry about her. Is it possible you know what state she is in. I don't know that she had to fill anything out to be a member, but a state to start looking in would be a help. Thank you.