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think you gotta keep me iced
You dont
think Im gonna spend your cash
I wont
Even if you were broke
My love dont cost a thing
Think I wanna drive your benz
I dont
Think I wanna floss I got my own
Even if you were broke
My love dont cost a thing

When you rolled up in the escalade
Saw that truck you gave to the valet
Knew that it was game when you looked at me
Pulling up your sleeve so I could see the rolley bling
Saw you later in the corner booth
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Raising up a toast so I would notice you
But your hearts a mess
Think you outta know
Doesnt matter if youre balling out of control

2 - all that matters is
That you treat me right
Give me all the things I need
That money cant buy yeah

Repeat 1

When I took a chance
Thought youd understand
Baby credit cards arent romance
So youre tryna buy whats already yours
What I need from is not available in stores
Seen a side of you that I really feel
Doing way too much, never keep it real
If it doesnt change, gotta hit the road
Now Im leaving, wheres my keys?
Ive got to go

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

You think the money that you make
Can substitute the time you take
Take the keys here to my heart
Then you can win my heart, and get whats in my heart
I think you need to take some time
To show me that your love is true
Theres more than dollar signs in you
Then you can win my heart, and get whats in my heart

Repeat 1 till end

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sweetest lyrics | Reviewer: pesh bryo | 1/14/13

this is 1of de best songz dat actualy say de truth dat all luvbirds must know infact iv juz sent it 2 ma swry so actualy he seez de truth alxo ;big upz j lo i luv ur mesej n condemn de guyz who think money can buy luv ,sori 4 u big thugz!

J-lo baby!!!!!! | Reviewer: Orexzy | 4/17/12

Anywy ds song has actuacli been ma special since when i ws young.So 2day i ws watchin' a movie which ws titled(The weddin' planner) nd den d background song @ da end of da movie ws MY LUV DON'T COST A THING i ws so amazed wen i checked on internet who sang it cos i didnt knw it ws 1 of ma best artist J-LO.Actuali,ds song meant so much 2 me nd dat ws y i used d main lyrics 4 ma stats on 2go.Luv u jennifer lopez.Luv u song.Ma name is orexzy

money cant buy love | Reviewer: Belina menzi | 10/25/11

TRUE J.LO..............LOVE is the most preciouse posesion and also th most expensive...its not worth any rand,tousands,milion,bilion..........u can hv anthing and impress ur loved one bt thats physically but emotionaly u cnt bcz its within the soul...a soul needs warmth,care,attention and money wont deliver that not even ian a millions time..LOVE SHUD REMAIN PURE NO STRINGS SUD B ATACHED

song is good bt dont agree wid these peoples | Reviewer: anand | 5/20/11

the song is really good and meaningful, but just tel me any one, why girls leave true lover n fly with reach guy..
It happens not once but with my 85% friends.
Gals needs only money, ya not all.. But most.

hiya,,nice song and nice meaning.. | Reviewer: suzzette | 1/26/11

this song hits me big time........i have a boyfriend,,he is rich and im just poor....he thinks every time i tell him what i feel or problem,,sounds like i am asking him......which is not true...just need him emotionally.not financially..

hi lopez dis track keep me alive | Reviewer: helen | 10/22/10

sure love dnt cost a thing but some guy are very stupid" what my guy did to me i wil never forgive him" i gave him everytine i have my time my heart my love and he never show he dnt love me nt until i saw him with a kid he deny me he act has if he dnt no me" rather than hold on to a broken dream i wil just hold on to love" money can..t buy true love"

About love don't cost a thing. | Reviewer: Ekemini francis | 10/16/10

Hi jennifer,i really love ur song especially the soundtrack(beatings).My personal view about this song is that money goes alongside with love.without money,there no love.some men are so stupid and un-human,in that if u dont ask or playwise with them,they will never want to spend.

it rocks | Reviewer: MB | 7/7/10

i love this song... though it is too old a song but the freshness remains as it was when it was launched... it is so true a feeling .... all the men out there who think that girls are after their money always, know this-- when a woman/girl actually loves you, materialistic things dont matter, even if you have nothing but true feelings and love for her, she will stand by you in all situations wtever it may be and will give her fulll support and love to you....

love is crazy | Reviewer: Hussein maalim ibrahim | 2/10/10

i realy agree with jlo.and if she were not to sing this song i could sing. this song my girl freind love me more.and i like this sonf much more any song in the dont cost even acoin..

ooer misses | Reviewer: olga | 2/2/10

this song is very boring, i dont know what the people are getting so worked up about it being so, true to life. this is not her real life situatuion, she just thinks of things that are true to certain peoples lives, so she can get money. :)

j-lo love | Reviewer: zain (?) | 9/25/09

i listened 2 this song when a special frnd of mine told me dat it's her favourite one..n after i listened it..i dun knw why..worth of my frnd in my heart..went higher n higher..dis song's vocals n lyrics are too gud too be true..n i believe in da thoughts portrayed in dis song 4rm da depths of my heart..

Love Dont cost a thing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/08

I am totally agree...Money is important but it cant but love...Love is priceless....Money,fame,name every thing u can get in life....but time is very jenifer said she just need time....she is right ths wht i need from my husband...and he is giving me enough time...Comforts are important and they are strugglinf for our comforts but wht woman want is only love and care....

love never cost a thing | Reviewer: khadidja | 6/16/08

love is a real feeling if the couple were loving each other but if the man was rich he will treat the woman as a slave.when i chose a boy friend ichose a poor one im a rich girl but i swear that i treat him as a prince because he is every thing in my life and ilove him

Dental floss? | Reviewer: Moray | 1/24/08

Really good lyrics to a catchy song but "if I wanna floss I've got my own"? I'm not sure what that means...surely he doesn't expect to woo her by lending her his tooth floss?

cool lyrics | Reviewer: Jacqueline Ibarra | 1/5/08

i love this song every time i get on my computer the first thing i do is go to the lyrics and song and sing like if i were u. i'm a huge fan of u i don't go to your concerts.i can't go because i have no one to drive me anyways,i love all of your songs specialy this one.keep up the good work j.lo. love u!!!!!!!!!!cool lyrics

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