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Kat Deluna Love Confusion Lyrics

Last updated: 01/29/2008 10:00:00 AM

Don't know how we got this far
So attached now and this scares me
Like a thief you stole my heart
And I fallen in love so unfairly

Boy I hate that my
World revolves around you
And I hate my heart
Cause it hurts without you

Why, why am I so lost in you?
And I don't even know me anymore
Why, I don't know why I'm so confused
Cause I'm hating that I love you this much boy

Confused, I'm Confused, I'm Confused

You gave me goosebumps, every time
My heart skips a beat when you touch me, I'm so mesmerized
Who told you, you could be mine?
I'm mad at you for this nice surprise


You see I love you, then I hate you,
And I hate because I love you
And I need you, then I don't need you
I don't know just what to do

I think I hate you, yes, I hate you
Wait, I love you, I love you
I'm really so confused,
I love you, yes, I do

[Chrous 3X]

Confused, I'm confused, I'm confused
Confused, I'm confused, I'm confused
Confused, I'm confused, I'm confused

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