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J. Cole Louis Vuitton Lyrics

Last updated: 12/12/2012 04:24:15 PM

[Verse 1]

Got a young chick from the hood, south side
Pops never let her outside
Nigga knew the type of shit she was up against
Little did he know the shit was going to back fire
Cause she act quiet, got baptized, sang in the choir
older nigger show her how to be a freak
The young girl is in heat, its deep
on the streets at night when the freaks is out
Butterfly tat on her back that she tried to hide
until her father found her secret out
Now he flipping out, he kicked her out
She living on her own and its vicious out
And Im thinking of the best way to kick her out

Cause all she ever talks about is Louie, Louie
And nigga, I cant fuck with her no more
I mean Louie, Louie, all she ever talk about is Louie, Louie
All she ever talk about is Louie Vuitton
And nigga, I cant fuck with her no more
[Verse 2]

I told the bitch somebody stole my Rollie,
She talking bout me too
Goddamn, be you
And if that is you, you so shallow
You on a boat that wont travel
We both know that you cant even get

I mean my window down
Let me roll my windows up
My plink went down
I just got my little cup
My freaks go down
Nigga I cant fuck with her no more
[Verse 3]

Dude got a rich bitch, though
She off the chain, ready to go
Baddest thing, head to toe
Fine line between a rock star and just a ho
But she walked that
Goddamn, girl, she walked that
Big money talk real loud
I mean I can barely talk back
But I, but I got good game, good game
Nothing like them lames you used to
I know the rules gon use you
Can you keep a secret?
Sometimes, man, your beeper leak it
Nigga told me she evil
I danced with the devil then, please believe it
Please believe it


She take my hip-hop, ayo
She dont want to fuck with me
She might not fuck with me
Am I a big splotch? Ayo