Loudness Albums

  • Loudness Album (8/2/2005)
    Pray For The Dead
    Slaughter House
    Waking The Dead
    Black Widow
    Racing The Wind
    Love Kills
    Hell Bites (From The Edge Of Insanity)
    Everyone Lies

  • Soldier Of Fortune Album (6/21/2005)
    Soldier Of Fortune
    You Shook Me
    Danger Of Love
    Twenty-Five Days
    Red Light Shooter
    Running For Cover
    Lost Without Your Love
    Faces In The Fire
    Long After Midnight
    Demon Disease

  • The Birthday Eve Album (1/18/2005)
    Sexy Woman
    Open Your Eyes
    Street Woman
    To Be Demon
    I'm On Fire
    High Try
    Rock Shock (More And More)

  • On The Prowl Album (10/14/2003)
    Down 'n Dirty
    Playing Games
    Love Toys
    Never Again
    Deadly Player
    Take It Or Leave It
    Long Distance
    In The Mirror
    Sleepless Nights
    Find A Way

  • Ghetto Machine Album (4/1/1997)
  • Thunder In The East Album (3/22/1985)
  • Disillusion Album (4/1/1984)
  • Devil Soldier Album (4/18/1982)
  • Birthday Eve Album (4/1/1981)

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