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IN his childhood, Lou Reed longed to play rock and roll — a
common dream, perhaps, but Reed was different. By his
teens, he had learned to play guitar, had made his first
record, had alienated his suburban parents, and had been
subjected to electro-shock therapy. During these years,
Reed's parents insisted that he take typing lessons so that
he would develop a saleable skill, but that didn't seem to
cure him of his rock and roll aspirations.

As much as he could, Reed tried to live the straight and
narrow: he went to college at More...

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Review about Lou Reed songs
Lyrics that sear the soul . . . | Reviewer: Uncle Chig
    ------ About the song Rock Minuet performed by Lou Reed

Please take the time to read these lyrics at the same time as listening to the live version from "Berlin - St. Ann's Warehouse". It is 7:18 that encapsulates all that is Lou Reed. The lyrics sear your ears and soul, a wailing feedback guitar cauterizes the wound. I have listened to his often. It often evokes sobs.

Rock minuet | Reviewer: lynn jaskowiak
    ------ About the song Rock Minuet performed by Lou Reed

Not too pretty these words from a soul. So beautiful So beautiful in their painful perfection. Not easy to liisten to, harder to speak out loud. If you have lived a life full at all, these emoted word pictures will not be un-familiar to you. Thank you Lou for having the guts to speak them. So I didn't have to.

theblue mask | Reviewer: david
    ------ About the song The Blue Mask performed by Lou Reed

reed once discribed this song as a self portrait of himself-in other word's this was a man way ahead of his time-who literally kicked down tha door's on writing lyric's on an adult base theme's{walk on the wild side,billy,make up,underneath the bottle to name a few.i believe strongly that that this song is a direct punch at crittic's{in literal term's}and thier way's of savagely attacking reed in the past-for what he was not afraid to honestly write about from the heart of a real poet.

Part of an album | Reviewer: Erik
    ------ About the song Men Of Good Fortune performed by Lou Reed

Such a great song from such a great tragedy album! Lou Reed's masterpiece. Well, actually the whole Berlin album sounds quite different after Transofrmer which didn't displayed Reed as an outstanding poet. Berlin goes another way. It's more poetry and philosophy than the show. Men of Good Fortune is a tough example.

kov's review | Reviewer: kov
    ------ About the song Berlin performed by Lou Reed

fantastic song by a brilliant artist. His songs have standed the test of time and he still continues to create beautiful pieces of writing. my favourite song of his would have to be perfect day, and how it describes his emotional state when referring to cocaine

New Sensations | Reviewer: Nevermore
    ------ About the song New Sensations performed by Lou Reed

It's not "Some people are like human toulinols". I don't think toulinol is a word. It's actually "human Tuinals". A Tuinal is a barbiturate (secobarbital and amobarbital) that was used recreationally from the 1960's to the 1980's, now it's off the market. Like many other barbs for that matter...

Wild Child | Reviewer: Susan Bruce
    ------ About the song Wild Child performed by Lou Reed

Okay - I started off looking up this site for an 8 year old abused child and I've spent most of the night on it (please don't print this one cos she'll be looking...) Anyway - I've spent most of the night o it and thoroughly enjoyed myself so thank you. I wanted to finish up so I was looking for a favourite at the end of the alphabet and I was torn between this and Wait - I love them both! That's where I'm heading then I really mus go lol. Well done for creating a brilliant site.

Red Joystick | Reviewer: Susan Bruce
    ------ About the song My Red Joystick performed by Lou Reed

Another one with Reed at his humourous best - I was surprised that the woman I knew best down in London (she was a junkie and a nymphomaniac and was neglecting her kid which was how I got involved - I couldn't stand her but the child deserved a shot) anyway - it never occurred to her the obvious as to what red joystick meant lol

New Sensations | Reviewer: Susan Bruce
    ------ About the song New Sensations performed by Lou Reed

The last note I wrote to you was about a junkie's kid I used to look after - this was her favourite song of Reed's - her mum liked the one "shot a vein in my neck and coughed up a quaalude" see?

My Old Man | Reviewer: Susan Bruce
    ------ About the song My Old Man performed by Lou Reed

Yeah, this one was close to home for him, despite him saying that he doesn't ean his lyrics - yu can see the element of truth there. I'm female and I worshipped my adoptive mother until a certain age - probably about te same age as he realised that his dad was a bully - so was my mother - I think that's why I always identified with him so much. This is a brilliant song...

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