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Ah, women ...! Women are pivotal to nearly everything in
Lou Bega's life. As this single 24-year-old charmer muses,
"Females have always been there at the center of my life;
my mother, who raised me with so much love and then my
first girlfriend..... There were women who made me laugh
and those who made me sad; real friends with whom I could
talk about everything and women who made me fall head over
heels in love." The Monicas, Ericas and Ritas of this
world, to whom Lou Bega sings in his first Number One hit,
Mambo No. 5, all played More...

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An annoying song | Reviewer: Arturo
    ------ About the song Mambo No. 5 (a little bit of ...) performed by Lou Bega

This is one of the more annoying songs on the radio. I am not objecting to sexism or the shallowness of a man who needs to play with fourteen girlfriends in order to find happiness. Not at all. My objection is founded in the de-evolution of society that made us forget how a boy dances with a girl.
Long ago, before Ipad, Ipod, Wii, etc. a boy's idea of a good time was to grab a girl and go to the dance hall ("Huh - what's a dance hall?" you ask). At the dance hall, couples could dance the be-bop, the twist, the mashed potatoes, the Watusi. If they had a little more education, they could dance the fox-trot, the two-step, the Charlston, the Viennese waltz. If their education came from Central America, they could dance the Chachacha, the merengue, the cumbia, and the MAMBO.
Fast-forward to the late 20th Century, when people stopped making effort to learn the correct posture, which foot to lead, and the fact that when doing the MAMBO you begin on beat two instead of on beat one. ("What is beat one?" you ask)
The Electric Slide and the Macarena made people think that dancing was an individual activity performed in rectangular drill-team formation. That's about the time that people forgot how to do the mambo.
By the time that this stupid remix came along, no-one even realized that it can't be a mambo because it was recorded with a shuffle beat instead of a Latin beat.
In conclusion, I object because Mambo No. 5 is not a mambo, because no-one knows that it is not a mambo, and no-one cares.

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