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Lostprophets Biography

Last updated: 04/19/2012 12:00:00 PM

Ian Watkins - Vocals
Mike Lewis - Guitar
Lee Gaze - Guitar
Stuart Richardson - Bass
Mike Chiplin - Drums
Jamie Oliver - Programming / Decks
Lost prophets were formed in late 1997 by a collective of friends, sick of not hearing what they wanted in the modern alternative music scene. They all were from varied musical backgrounds.

The first demo in that same year of 1997 gained a perfect review in U.K. The second demo recorded the following year, in 1998 and had different sound and was never released.

Various extra members have come and gone, but the key five have always remained.
The band is now made up of six members. Over the past two years their sound has progressed and focused into what you are hearing today. Since the group came to be, 3 demos have been recorded.
The third demo was recorded throughout 1999.

Until now, the band has remained on a low, perfecting their sound, and working on other calls in life. The band took a break for a couple of months, to complete their studies and travel.