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Ian Watkins - Vocals
Mike Lewis - Guitar
Lee Gaze - Guitar
Stuart Richardson - Bass
Mike Chiplin - Drums
Jamie Oliver - Programming / Decks
Lost prophets were formed in late 1997 by a collective of friends, sick of not hearing what they wanted in the modern alternative music scene. They all were from varied musical backgrounds.

The first demo in that same year of 1997 gained a perfect review in U.K. The second demo recorded the following year, in 1998 and had different sound and was never released.

Various extra members have come and gone, but the key five have always remained.
The band is now made up of six members. Over the past two years their sound has progressed and focused into what you are hearing today. Since the group came to be, 3 demos have been recorded.
The third demo was recorded throughout 1999.

Until now, the band has remained on a low, perfecting their sound, and working on other calls in life. The band took a break for a couple of months, to complete their studies and travel.

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LOSTPROPHETSALWAYS!:D | Reviewer: Lisa Hutton | 6/19/10

I first heard Rooftops and I was like :O THIS IS AMAZING, then I listened to it loads and starteed discovering more songs from LostProphets, then got all their albums and I'm now a massive dedicated fan to them and I do hope to see them live next year! All of their songs I can relate to. :) I LOVE LOSTPROPHETS SO MUCH!<3

lst prphts forever!! | Reviewer: Bobby Sturgeon | 11/30/09

I love lostprophets!!..every song means something, which i can relate to very very well aswell as sounds good!!..i also love ian watkins cos of the fact he's himself,vain which is the same as me :) and says it as it is.love all the albums in their own way, prob liberation transmission album most catchy but wasnt sure about the emo carry on. cant wait til new album!!!!!

fuckin' hell YAH!!!! | Reviewer: Ben | 8/19/08

The lost prophets have been great form start to now. i first heard last train home on a video on youtube and it ruled!!!then i heard rooftops and i was all like, holy shit fuck i need to listen to this!!!! like, 9 months later i have all their music and i am a dedicated fan. they fuckin' RULE ROCK!!!!

Love this band | Reviewer: Shawn Aron Bakos | 1/1/08

i listen to tuns of music im always listening to music and ive herad horrible music and ive heard Excelent music this is Excelent music this is one of the best bands ive ever heard their first album was my favourite especially the video for can't catch tomorrow (good shoes won't save you this time) favourite by them im listening to that while i write this actualy they may look emo but have one of the best soudns aband can possibly have and if anyone says they suck i will put up a hell of a argument againts that they KICK ASS

The Handsome Life. . . | Reviewer: AJ | 11/17/07

Woah. I'm Not Just Saying This. . .

Lostprophets Are THE Best Band I Have Ever Heard. FSOP Was Probably The Most Amazing Thing I'd Ever Listened To Then Or Since. Not That I'm Saying That Start Something Was Mediocre! Songs Like Burn Burn & Sway Really Made That Album Worth Listening To, But FSOP? It's Hard To Explain. . .

Every Song Just Kind Of Got Me. You Know - I Could Relate.

Listening To Liberation Transmission - It Was Good - You Could Tell They'd Made A Change. Rooftops As The First Single? It Was A Good Song, Technically, But It Didn'y Quite Get Me The Same Way. It Was Like It Was The Celebrities Singing - Not The People. Even Ian Said In An Interveiw That It Was A Little Obvious. . .

Can't Wait For The New Album - Don't Know If It Can Top FSOP, But By The Sound Of Some Of Their New Songs (The Dead, Etc) It's Gonna Be Fantastic.

But The First Album? It Was So Raw. It Was Amazing. . .

Thats About It.

Different but still very cool. | Reviewer: Harlequin | 10/11/07

As the title goes, the 3rd album was completely different. I didn't mind the album at all, and i'm definately curious to see what their 4th will bring! The slower pace of the album made caught me by suprise. Especially after listening to "Everyday Combat", which is a great opening track! Favourite tracks are "Rooftops" & "4:AM Forever"

@ 'lostprophets fanatic' : The fact that you think you're in a position to tell other people that their opinions "suck" astounds me.

My Opinion... | Reviewer: Matt G | 8/29/07

The first 2 albums kicked ass! This last album sucked... To emo. I didnt like how most of the songs were slow. not the lostprophets i loved. anyways... if you dont agree. dont be a biotch like this last chick and bitch me out for my opinion. Ill be waitin for the next album.

erm....excauuuuuse me.. | Reviewer: lostprophets fanatic | 8/11/07

erm sean and luke....ur opinions suck.....so i fink i cn say...from the point of view of every one hoo actuali appreciates wot ian nd the guyz do...keep em to yaslf...coz we'd rather not hear wot u got to say. Neither of you have a valid point so Sean....if u like music...do every one a favour...and shut it. Love! Anyone else hoo agreez wit me plz feel free to reply. x

Absolute Brilliance | Reviewer: Sharon | 6/17/07

Well I never used to like Lostprophets. My son always used to listen to them and I thought their music was awful. But one day, Last train home played and I sat and I listened to it and I thought, hey thats really good. So I got their albums and thought they are fantastic. I had an oppurtunity to go and see them in Dec last year and they were fucking awesome and I was close to the stage too!! Ian is HOT HOT HOT!!!!, In April I got the oppurtunity to go and see them again and they were wonderful. I would most certainly go and see them again.

Totalled | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/07

This band is AWESOME! I have never been this fond of any band before. And I completely agree with mainstream being 'poppy'. Avril for instance, I use to love her music. And then the third CD came out. I have never been so disgusted in my life! So now Lostprophets are definatly my favorite band.

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