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Centuries pass and still the same
War in our blood, some things never
Fighting for land and personal gain
better your life, justify your pain
The end is knocking
The end is knocking
We've all been lost for most of this life
(lost for most of this life)
Everywhere we turn more hatred
surrounds us
And I know that most of us just ain’t
(most of us just ain’t right)
Following the wrong steps, being led
by pride
How many lives will we take
How many hearts destined to break
Nowhere to run, can't escape
Full of ourselves, tied to our fate
The end is knocking
The end is knocking, yeah
We've all been lost for most of this life
(lost for most of this life)
Everywhere we turn more hatred
surrounds us
And I know that most of us just ain’t
(most of us just ain’t right)
Following the wrong steps, being led
by pride
With peace of mind so hard to find
We're dwelling on the drastic signs
Another way to numb our mind
And as you close your eyes tonight
and pray for a better life
you’ll see it flying helplessly away
We've all been lost for most of this life
(lost for most of this life)
Everywhere we turn more hatred
surrounds us
And I know that most of us just ain’t
(most of us just ain’t right)
Following the wrong steps, being led
by pride

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unforgiven II, unforgiven I, chaptr 4, warmness, unholy, fiction, victims, | Reviewer: nkt tunyi | 3/9/13

I m juz a carzy fan of a7x..... guys u ol r major cool, the dress, ur musicx, the catchy guitars, masculine voice, ur top rated lyrics, n the beat rolling behind rockin the stage.... its juz so rockin....

seize the day | Reviewer: cimkann | 6/10/12

i like the a7x song seize the day very much.It is one of my favorite song.i like the band of a7x.There is a sad news fos a7x because the'rev'is dead but anyway a7x dont fell discourage.

Amazing | Reviewer: sing panmei | 5/19/12

i like evry songs of a7f..they r one of the best..the song lost,so far away,nightmare n remissions is far amazing..a7f is my favourite band..i realy like them..they are the best so far.

BEST :) | Reviewer: Chin Sian | 5/1/12

I listen a7x musics just 2011 and ever since I started to listen i just forget all my favorite bands and can't think that I will like any upcoming. DK A7X U drive me crazy and the more I listen I got worse. ROOOOOOCK ONNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnn.....

Dave | Reviewer: Svnyster debbarma | 4/29/12

I love A7x ...
Ma fav. Band ! I listen 2 their song's i've ful colection's of album of A7x, like The nytmare b4 christmas(newly releasd), nightmare, city of evil, warmnes on the soul...etc, etc !
I love them very mch ! Espicialy, M'shadows is the greatest vocalist of this generation ever ..
I salute him ...he hv a great voice, he's the voice of the voiceless!
The greatest vocal's, he can sing any song, n mostly i love Synester Gate's i agree with every1 if they tel Synester Gate'z is the best guitarist of the world, 4 me he's my hero of Guitar ! My best guitarist aim, is 2 b lyk him, no wondr how great he is, he is stil the ' best, of the Best guitarist and the fastest guitarist in this world ' i love him so mch, dtz y i kept ma name 'SVNYSTER' lyk him, In fuTure i hope that i'l b able 2 get a coNtract signed wid their band, i like 2 b a part of their band, dtz my dream...
I respect, A7x including all the band member's ! I realy n joy, in listening their song'z, all r great espicialy when i fil loney or wen i get hurt, i hear 'DEAR GOD n Afterlife, and also Lost' by the way, m also sad that they lost their greatest ever drummist Jimmy "the Rev" pasionately, he's Great, n i hope dat lyk him drumist wil neva cme !:-(, i lastly thank all the member'z of A7x n i'll be waiting for their new album, i hope that it release's soon..

Just expounding... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/11

The guy fron April 7th...I also started listening to this band in January, and I was hooked by the first song I heard--Welcome to the Family--that day. My personal favorites (don't judge me) are A Little Piece of Heaven and Lost it All. This is truly my all-time favorite band no doubt about it, and this song is so intense...I can't even find words. It just rocks.

HaPpY FeeT <3 A7X!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/11

this song is soo amazingly powerful in so many ways is able to let us all open our eyes to the truth about were we are in life
missey is the meaning of this life were many innocent die were many are just followers n do dum shit for no reason its sad to know were this world has come to we all have a choice weather we wanna turn our backs n ignor the truth or start to do something fight for a better world A7X has dine its part by shareing there view of life throw music we all should join to en suffering!!

A7x :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/11

I literally just Started liatnin to this band in January and and fell in love with their music instantaneously... Blinded in chains is deff my favorite song by them.. too bad Jimmy died he was one of the (if not ) the best drummer ever !!!!
Rock on!!! XD

You people overthink the song | Reviewer: zorcandpals | 3/24/11

To all you people who are griping about your bad relationships.... SHUT UP. stop making the music all gay by attaching your sob stories to the meaning. This song states that we humans are greedy, violent beings, that is it.

Brütally Awesome | Reviewer: Drummngking | 7/12/10

im the drummer/pianist for a tribute band for A7X and ther music is hard enough in the first place. but trying to arrange ther music into Just lead, rhythm, and bass guitar like a little piece of heaven is a pain in the ass

Lost | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/10

This song makes me sad. I'm going through a really tough time with a relationship right now. This song makes me sad in so many ways. Good or bad... Its putting me in a good place right now, and i love Avenged Sevenfold so much for that... I wouldn't know who i was without you.

The rev | Reviewer: tabby | 1/21/10

Too bad the Rev died. =[ He is great at drumming. I believe he, as well as M. Shadows, sang in this song. This is a great song and i agree, i can listen to it all day and not get bored or tired of it. =]

Greatest Band Ever | Reviewer: Ben | 12/10/09

I agree with what everybody on this post is saying, A7X is so freakin amazing...i wouldn't be ashamed in calling them one of the greatest bands ever. When it comes to lyrics they are all creative and well thought out and i love how you can listen to their songs so many times and never get bored because you get captivated by something new everytime you listen...whether it's the fantastic drumming of the Rev, the amazing vocals of Shadows, or the filthy ridiculous guitar of Syn. And i love how they are so ranged they can virtually play any genre whether it's the fast upbeat hip-hop style like Lost/Afterlife, the hard rock style with Scream/Almost Easy, or the country style with Dear God...A7X is amazing and can't wait for the next album...A7X live on forever!!

Love this song | Reviewer: Dave | 9/6/09

I love this song... i can listen to it all day long and not get tired of it.. everythin about it is awsome espeially the guitaring... Synyster gates is an awsome guitarist... my inspiration and the reason why i got into guitar... love this band love their songs.... they rock....

its remind me of X | Reviewer: yoshiki forever.. | 6/10/09

this song is great..
but i think some of X Japan style were in this song,X Japan style from their blue blood era..
X Japan is my favorite band of all time..
but this song is rocks!!!
love this song..
i wish for a7x will be a legend like X Japan..

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