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Tool Lost Keys (Blame Hofman) Lyrics

Last updated: 03/31/2011 11:00:00 AM

Excuse me
Doctor, If you have a moment?
A moment what's the question?
More of a situation: The gentleman in exam three
What's the problem?
That is the problem
We're not sure
You got the chart?
Right here
Hmm, not much here is there?
No doctor
No obvious physical trauma
Mmm, vitals are stable
No sir
Someone drop him off?
Maybe we can speak to them.
Let's get some background on this fellow.
No ID, nothing
And he won't speak to anyone
Well then let's say hello

Good morning
I'm Doctor Lawson
How are you today
How- are - you - today?
Look son
You're in a safe place
We want to help you, in whatever way we can
But you need to talk to us
We can't help you otherwise
Now what's happened
Tell me everything

Thanks to Miles B for submitting Lost Keys (Blame Hofman) Lyrics.

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Meaning? | Reviewer: Silus O. | 3/30/11

Many people say that this is about LSD, has Abbie Hoffman was the man who synthesised LSD. It's why no one knows what's wrong with him. Also, this is an intro to Rosetta Stoned, which fits perfectly, because Rosetta Stoned fits my acid trips to the word...
Also, Bill Hicks has a joke in which he was high, and was taken onto the alien ship, on which they explained the meaning of life to him. There is a reference to this in Rosetta Stoned.