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Are you aware of what you make me feel, baby
Right now I feel invisible to you, like I'm not real
Didn't you feel me lock my arms around you
Why'd you turn away?
Here's what I have to say I was left to cry there,
waiting outside there grinning with a lost stare
That's when I decided

Why should I care
Cuz you weren't there when I was scared I was so alone
You, you need to listen I'm starting to trip,
I'm losing my grip and I'm in this thing alone

Am I just some chick you place beside you to take somebody's place
when you turn around can you recognize my face you used to love me,
you used to hug me
But that wasn't the case
Everything wasn't ok I was left to cry there
waiting outside there grinning with a lost stare
That's when I decided


Crying out loud I'm crying out loud
Crying out loud I'm crying out loud

Open your eyes
Open up wide
Why should I care
Cuz you weren't there
when I was scared I was so alone Why should I care
Cuz you weren't there when I was scared I was so alone
Why should I care
If you don't care then I don't care were not going anywhere
Why should I care cuz you weren't there when I was scared I was so alone
Why should I care If you don't care then I don't care were not going anywhere

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this song is the best!!!!!! | Reviewer: sereena washington | 9/2/13

Oh my god I love this song I have her cds and to me this is the best song of them all there's not a day that I don't think of this song because I have so.e problems with my bf and he's like that guy on the song that's why her songs are so meaningful to me because I'm a rock punk fan my school talent show is coming up soon and I'm going to sing this song Avril Lavinge you rock and I love your new song here's to never growing up ;)

Fan of avril | Reviewer: Mokoto | 1/12/12

Avril yo songs aint just bwt singing bt thy bring important msg, awareness n advice in pipo's relationship....yo song hav built many relationship n marriedge..keep it up...wish to be on one of yo concert

I love this song | Reviewer: Aty | 4/26/11

i love this song, yesterday i had a date but my bf he didn't come and i was so alone there.that was our first date after 1 year oh god i can't just take it... and i listened to this song and cried out loud... and that song helped me ... thank u AVRIL.

Stevens Girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/11

Ok I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove avril lavigne her songs really speak 2 me this 1 I really helpn me rite now since my bf *steven* is actn d same way the song Is..... Her songs have helped me with my last break up my social awkwardness with girlfriend and my world I love u avril !!!!!

the best singer=avril | Reviewer: sara | 7/9/10

i love u avriiiiiiiiil.ur lyrics are brilliant and its very good that u write them by urself.i live in iran and unfortunatly its a religion contry that is...so u cant have a concert here.its one of my big wish to come to another contry 4 being in ur concert.continue rocking avril

i love him!! | Reviewer: nadz | 3/22/10

...this song doesn't really relate to my issue. But it just happened that I like this song and this song was playing when I was with my LOVE earlier... so..

..huhu!! he's leaving tomorrow!!
I wanna confess cause I know he loves me too!!!

AVRIL`S BIGGEST FAN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/10


Avril Lavigne is awesome!!!!! | Reviewer: RockMusicRox | 12/24/09

Avril Lavigne's the best singer ever! I love this song! It is so awesome! I'm obsessed with her but I'm still searching for the Avril song that describes my situation perfectly! Found nothing even close! Anyway, love the chorus the most in all the song 'n' the 'open ur eyes' bit rox 2!!!!!!

Love Her | Reviewer: Ali | 9/20/09

Hi, Avril Rocks, She's The Best Pop-rock Singer in the world, I love all of her songs & albums they are awsome, she's my best favorite singer and she will be, I love Her So Much and this song is one of her best and i love it

Avril ROCKS!!!!!! | Reviewer: Lisa | 7/8/09

Avril defines rock music. She absolutely ROCKS. If anyone wants to second me, go ahead, but this song rocks. I LOVE all of her songs and albums, but this is one of my favorites by her. And one of my favorites of all time.

no title ;p | Reviewer: Anaa | 4/22/09

hey guys..im 13 years old and Avril Lavigne she is my favourite singer! she is amaaiizin and the best thing about her is that she writes her feelings and her lyrics are soo great and full of feelings..when i first heard this song i didnt like it much but when i looked at the lyrics..its AMAIZIIIN! <3

a big fun of avril lavigne!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/09

that song is awesome!!! i first heard it a week ago, but i didn't know its lyrics!! avril has something that appeals to teenagers like me!!! she rocks!!! i love all of her songs and they are all brilliant!!! avril come to greece again plzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv U avril...duh..! =D | Reviewer: RaZzOn | 4/8/09

Hiiii 4 evry 1 who luv avril lavigne...this gurl z so damn hot..duh...how much iluv her..her sngz r amazing and more than that...anyway im 15 yearz old and shez expriss all my feelin secialy her sng losin grip....duh how mush ihate my boyfrnd.....luv u avril <3 <3 <3

I LOVE YOU Avril! | Reviewer: Avril's biggest fan! | 1/21/09

Avril rocks I am 13 now and I have known her songs off by heart since I was 4! Also apparently my boyfriend has a secret crush on my best friend! Seems like he reeeealllly loves me! I hate him so much! Anyway I could really relate to this song because of this!

this girl can rock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/08

avril is so cool. we r just alike..well when she was a teenager.im more of a tomboy and like to hang around guys alot.i plan to be in the rock music business so i hope to see u avril and maybe do a song together.i can sing too see u when im 16 (im 13)

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