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Evanescence Lose Control Lyrics

Last updated: 02/12/2012 10:00:00 AM

You don't remember my name.
I don't really care.
Can we play the game your way?
Can I really lose control?

Just once in my life,
I think it'd be nice,
Just to lose control, just once,
With all the pretty flowers in the dust.

Mary had a lamb.
His eyes black as coals.
If we play very quiet, my lamb,
Mary never has to know.

Just once in my life,
I think it'd be nice,
Just to lose control, just once.

If I cut you down to a thing I can use,
I fear there will be nothing good left of you.

Thanks to Tamara for submitting Lose Control Lyrics.

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first step,,, | Reviewer: maziar | 2/12/12

Ooh loosing control,hem i think she killed the lamb :-) he anyway, who take care about girl friend? Or family problems? IT'S all U and Ure goals. Ure mind, U must go on all alone like me, i' m growing day by day and only Ąmy' SONGS are helping me, better to say : saving me, thanks amy, Im 18 and i never had a girl friend and nothing hapend, but only one day without evanescence?! NEVER!!!!

its fine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/10

personally, i dont care if people hate evanescence and im not gonna say theyre true art and whatever because if i found a different band i liked then i would like them and say they were true art and blah blah. its all about what you think so it doesnt matter if anyone hates any band. and everyone seems to have a bad life. look, sometimes things get hard but it doesnt mean that your life is bad all the time. cherish the happy moments. if you broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend then thats not a big deal. evanescence helps people by their lyrics relating to what youre going through at the moment. i wish they would just tell you how to fix it. i mean a lot of people have family trouble and that is a big deal. ive gone through a lot in the past year and i got through it by thinking about what would make me happy to escape everything. i started thinking that things werent as bad as they seemed. and i began to heal. i thought about everything and just looked forward to the future and i had hope. i am involved in music and i threw all my anger and sadness into 5 songs that i wrote. and now im healed and continue to write songs. and i havent looked back since. and thats how you begin to heal. listining to these songs is only the first step. :)

;dd | Reviewer: ... | 10/17/10

I can't really understand you evanescence-haters why do you think evanescence sings music for emos have you even listened to more than one evanescence song?? How can you say that Weight of the world or Going under is an emo song lmao ...
btw luv the song ^^

....................................................................... | Reviewer: meeeee :D | 6/26/10

i honestly think evanescence sucks for a lot of reasons but that doesnt matter now, cuz i like this song
And snickers..
im pretty sure thats not wot the song is about
it's about that she is always in control and wonders how it is to lose it
I only like this song becuz its not so emo and i can relate to it :P
Since im always in control of other peoples minds, I even have been in control of a loverboys mind, so that shit gets realy boring and i would want like to feel some adrenaline from losing control

thats my explanaition xD lol (spelling?)

... | Reviewer: Star | 1/13/09

Haha... Chris you realize you can listen to heavy metal AND Evanescence? Yes, Otep and NIN and The Used and alot of other bands are harder than Evanescence. Just because there are no death grunts doesn't mean the music ain't good-and this is coming from a metalhead. Yes, shocking, I know. And you need to think DEEEP into the lyrics to get the meaning. I understand that may be hard for you but you might be able to do it... if you really try.

<//3 | Reviewer: Amity | 1/2/09

I personally, love Evanescence, i think they're a great band. their songs are very moving and symbolic, but i think this once, is a bit more aof a poem. it's amazing as a poem, but it doesn't convince me as a song.

spiritual gothic | Reviewer: anni | 7/12/08

this song is a bit weird,,,bt with her voice makes me feel the song!!!each one of us loosin control,,the same for me...amy lee gives us awesome lyrics,,even its weird guys.....also her way of singing sooo gothic..... x) love her (anni)

amber | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/08

man unlike fallen these songs have a lot of symbolism and hidden messages. u could analyse them as poems. so to the idiots who cant appreciate it get lost we dont hav time to spell it out. evanescence have artistically if not commercially blown fallen out of the water

Lol at the guy below me... | Reviewer: Tamara | 10/17/07

XD Lol. I love it when haters flame songs. It's not like we're forcing them to listen to it anyways, and it's a shame they don't understand true art. ^___^

>:( | Reviewer: chris | 10/11/07

wtf r u all on???? ITS CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPpp okay?
"If we play very quiet, my lamb," wtf is that all about?? evanesence is soft compared to all the other bands!! and wahts this with everyone saying "she makes me emotional!! waaaa!!" she makes me want to hit her over the head with her own piano!! GEEZ my cat can sing better than that. ur all a buncha EMOOOOOOOOOSS!!!!! XDRXDXD

lalalose control | Reviewer: tamara | 10/2/07

Gah I love it! Love her songs... I can literally feel every emotion from her when she sings... The emotion from this song was wanting to release, and fantasy-like (if that's an emotion... well, it is now. XD).

awwwwww | Reviewer: snickers | 7/7/07

you know what i lose control all the time and sometimes without noticing it and i can totally relate to that and i love this song because of that. being able to know every body has their moments is real. hard core evanescence very hard core. I LOVE IT!!!!

love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/07

she has such a great voice, if i stopped listening to her music for three months, and then listened one i hadn't yet heard, without knowing the artist, i would know it waz amy as soon as she said the first word. :D

feel it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/07

this song makes me feel gothic ^^

the best | Reviewer: [emo kidd*] | 3/6/07

She can make people feelings sad, I nearly started to cry when I listened to this song for the first time..Ilove all of her songs..and her voice! so beautiful! :*