Los Lonely Boys Lyrics

Los Lonely Boys are a family tradition.

The family band is a great rock’n’roll institution - from
the Everly Brothers and the Beach Boys to the Black Crowes
and Hanson. There's something about the unstudied
perfection of sibling vocal harmonies that creates a
distinctive, irresistible style. Los Lonely Boys, three
brothers, aged 21-25, from a tiny town in West Texas, are
about to write a new chapter in this compelling saga of
America's musical families. They began as their father’s
backing band. Now, Los Lonely Boys will make their More...

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Review about Los Lonely Boys songs
she also love other boy | Reviewer: Biplab sen
    ------ About the song Are You Ready performed by Los Lonely Boys

My love name is papiya I really love a girl since 2yrs b4 2yrs ago i talk wid her after i was nt talk her for 10 month kuch din baad maine usko call kiya toh usne bola main ushe disturb kar raha hu maine socha aisa bola hoga hoga shayad baad main usne bola main dusre ladko pyaar karta hu coz i m so sad nd lonely....frnd kabhi bhi ladki ko pyar mat karo chahon toh cigrate ko pyaar karo kabhi chod ke nahi jayega

For my Gary Lee Lee | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Los Lonely Boys

Never heard of Los Lonely Boys before. A couple years ago my son Gary Lee and I were in the car and this song came on. He said "Mom you gotta listen to the words of this song they're REALLY good." On Nov. 7, 2011 my son was killed in an auto accident...this song has been a blessing for me. Listen to it everyday.

For My Rusty | Reviewer: nikki
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Los Lonely Boys

I lost my son to a bike accident 9-18-2011.
This is one of the songs he loved. He believed in God and sometimes he would have a great sorrow and hurt in his life. He was a good man. He loved his family. Just remember, "The One Who Loves The Most Gets Hurts the most."
It had a special meaning for him. Not booze or drugs.
To much heartache. He don't hurt now. RIP son.
I love the song.

Heaven is where you want it to be... | Reviewer: Liz
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Los Lonely Boys

I love this song... But I do belive that heaven is where you want it to be... I do know that there's suffering and this world is so far to be perfect. I belive in God and heaven, but I belive that he put us on earth with a very important purpuse, we have to lern something before he knows we are ready for the next level. I know some people suffer... my father is an alcoholic and sometimes he makes my mom and me live a little hell... I know thats nothing compared to other people problems but this affects my life big time. What I'm trying to say is that besides all the bad things, there's still really great things to live, see, lern, cry and fight for... and I'm up to that, so when HE ask me how I lived my life I can say it was greatest gift and I lived it best way that I could. As Robbie Williams said "I'm not scared of dying I just don't want to" yet...

heaven | Reviewer: edith M.
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Los Lonely Boys

I was at the Dentist today and heard your song for the very first time. I love the music and the lyrics.It made me feel refreshing.. It touch my soul.. I could listen to it forever. which I will be doing because I am going out to buy the cd. The main thing in life is to have faith in one self..beautiful song. I am so pleased. This is the song to listen to when one is sad , weary, whatever.........It made me happy rejuvenated

What a great song | Reviewer: Harry Gibbs
    ------ About the song Cielo(Heaven In Spanish) performed by Los Lonely Boys

This a beautiful song in English and maybe even better in Spanish. The words have great meaning to me spiritually as I am recovering from a head-on collision. It speaks of our troubles, who we are and who we may become.

Thank you, Los Lonely Boys

Life | Reviewer: Pedro
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Los Lonely Boys

Man I love this song I remember how I first heard it, it was in summer school the 1st day and then the teacher turned the radio on and I just loved it but i had seen it on this app I have on my iPhone just never really paid attention to it and I felt kinda bad afterwards but I get calm and chills and think about life and everything that's going on in life when I hear this beautiful song.

Love life | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Los Lonely Boys

Life on earth is so incredibly beautiful. I think we should all embrace it and hold closely the truth that we are supposed to be joyful in life. Nothing could compare to heaven. However, that does not mean this life isn't absolutely beautiful.

You have no idea | Reviewer: Denny
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Los Lonely Boys

The lyrics to this song are all about one of the band members losing a small child to SIDS. It is not about heaven, religion and loving Jesus. It is all about him losing a child at 18 years of age and wanting to see his child again in heaven. This is all about a grieving parent. Nothing more, nothing less.

Take it from a grieving parent who also lost a young baby to SIDS.

Good song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Los Lonely Boys

I love this song. But as far as you people that are talking about how you can't wait to get to heaven, uhh... That's kind of wierd. I personally love living on this earth. Sure, there are plights an dangers, but thats always going to happen. There can be no perfect society where everyone gets along. No matter how much I would love to think that when we die there will be one. I can't. And even if there is, why rush? Enjoy your life on Earth and live life to it's fullest. I mean, I don't mind religious people, but wow, some of you take it way to far. You almost seem suicidal. Which is kind of funny btw considering people always tell me that god must be on my life for me to be happy. I don't embrace god at all, yet I'm an incredibly happy person who loves life. And I'm a lot happier than a lot of you and my religious friends seem to be. So yea...I don't really understand you people's logic but whatever.

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