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Lorien Biography

Last updated: 08/06/2004 12:05:04 AM

In 1996, David and Jordi left their former band and decided to create a new group, more metallic than the first one.

At the beginning, the trio formed by David, Jordi and the drummer Dani, played Metallica and Iron Maiden best songs, as well as they created their own compositions.

Despite the fact that they were enjoying their music, the keyboard was the only instrument lacked to achieve the type of sound they wanted. In the group there was single guitar, a bass, drums and a voice (David or Jordi depending on the song). In 1996, a new musician joined the band with his keyboard and, since then, the four members have been playing and learning together.

However, two changes took place when the group decided to enlarge. A second guitarist was included for a short period of time, but left the band after checking he had different musical aims, so Josep replaced him.

After recording the first album called SECRETS OF THE ELDER, two changes has taken place. From now on, Jordi is exclusively dedicated to the vocal performance and, also, the new bassist David Ruiz, has joined us. This 6 string bass player joined LORIEN in November 2001, he is an experienced bassist who plays Lorien songs with feeling and creativity.