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Loretta Lynn was born in Butcher Hollow, KY, on April 14,
1934. The second of eight children born to Ted and Clara
Webb, Loretta was welcomed with open arms by the young
couple. With her parents blessing and encouragement, young
Loretta soon found her voice and a place where it would be
appreciated. During the first twelve years of her life, she
sang in churches and at a variety of local concerts.

At age thirteen, Loretta married Oliver "Mooney" Lynn.
Within the first few months of marriage, Mooney and
Loretta's brother, Jay Lee More...

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Review about Loretta Lynn songs
Assurance of His existence and presence | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song If God Is Dead (who's This Living In My Soul) performed by Loretta Lynn

This is one song that has kept my soul at peace through my many trials of life. God is indeed alive; in my life, soul and in the world. Only an assurance by faith in the finished work of His son at Calvary can guarantee His presence at all times.

last line of the song | Reviewer: michelle
    ------ About the song Coal Miner's Daughter performed by Loretta Lynn

The last line of THIS version, the first word is abbreviated, not the word EXCEPT, but the abbreviation, "CEPT". In addition, in her autobiography, Loretta says that she actually wrote 19 verses to this song--WHERE ARE THEY???

Red White And Blue | Reviewer: Renee
    ------ About the song Red White And Blue performed by Loretta Lynn

Red comes from my Grandpa, he's an all American Brave.
White come from my Grandma, she's a red-headed Irish maid.
The blue come from the man I love, 'cause this boy said I do.
That leaves me a mixed-up with the red, white and blue.
is wrong It starts of with Im Red White and Blue I oo i oo i oo and freckled of it too I oo And also: That leaves me a Mixed Up BREED of Red white and blue. aND i BELIEVE ALSO THAT ITS HE LIED CAUSE BABY DO I OO aND ITS NOT PROUD OF IT TO ITS FRECKELED OF IT TOO

Woman Enough | Reviewer: val
    ------ About the song You Ain't Woman Enough performed by Loretta Lynn

Woman Enough. That is real 'fightin talk' Mrs Lynn. I have great respect for you staying with a man who 'stepped out' on you a lot. I for one 'stepped out' on my ex-husband by divorcing him, because I liked myself more than I liked him.

Question about missing lyrics | Reviewer: Norm Pilch
    ------ About the song Coal Miner's Daughter performed by Loretta Lynn

Ben Kingsley on "Country Top 40" mentions three stanzas of "Coal Miner's Daughter" that weren't used on Loretta Lynn's recording. One concerned floods, a second "hog killing," and a third decsribed the inside of the cabin. How can I get a copy of those stanzas?


Norm Pilch

Small things | Reviewer: Mark O'Neill
    ------ About the song Satin Sheets performed by Loretta Lynn

I think the last lines of the refrain should be:

Big long Cadillacs,
Tailor-mades upon my back.
But still I want you to set me free.

Lyrics Corrections | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Standing Room Only performed by Loretta Lynn

Here's where you can hear the music: http://members.aol.com/war4head/Page33.html . Below are the correct words; I got them from another source but corrected a few things. I'd just replace the words. (I saw a cheer // tear ...) There is punctuation in the below words, as well. I've toyed with singing it, so added a few punctuation/breath marks. God bless!

Trying to find it | Reviewer: Karaoke Mike
    ------ About the song You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly performed by Loretta Lynn

Tyring to find it

one's on the way | Reviewer: cathy
    ------ About the song Ones On The Way performed by Loretta Lynn

just need the lyrics. I want to send to my son via email. They have just found out they are going to have a baby. Thank you!!!

I love you | Reviewer: Beth DeMoss
    ------ About the song You Ain't Woman Enough performed by Loretta Lynn

I wish I could meet you Mrs.Lynn I have listened to you all my
life my grandmother has Coal Miners Daughter I really like that

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