Lorene Drive Lyrics

Kris - Drums
Daniel - Bass / Lead Vocals
Justin - Guitars
Stephen - Lead Guitars
Jared - Cell phone / Emails

Lorene Drive (Victorville, CA) grew up in the high desert
of Southern California, in what was back then a piss-stop
town on the way to Las Vegas. The band, without any thought
of playing music, met each other in junior high school.
Daniel and Stephen glued together first and two years later
dug up Justin, the one who actually lives on Lorene Drive,
from the trash heap of history. In 2002 those three – More...

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Submit Lorene Drive New Lyrics

Reviews about Lorene Drive songs

i think.. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Song In The Key Of Sex performed by Lorene Drive

that this song is great!

its a good party song and it really gets you in the mood for a good time.

i love the lyrics an the way that they are sung

i think everyone should get into this song.. definatly the best on the album!

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