Lords Of Acid Albums

  • Expand Your Head Album
    Am I Sexy?
    As I Am
    I Must Increase My Bust
    I Sit On Acid
    Let's Get High
    Marijuana In You Brain
    Rough Sex
    Rubber Doll
    Spank My Booty
    Who Do You Think You Are?

  • Gimme Gimme Album (9/23/2003)
    Gimme Gimme
    Gimme Gimme (Carl S. Johanson Swings His Thing Mix)
    Gimme Gimme (Erhan's The One Mix)
    I Sit On Acid (God Lives Underwater Mix)

  • Private Parts Album (6/1/2002)
    Gimme Gimme
    I Sit On Acid 2000
    Fingerlickin' Good
    Rubber Doll
    LSD = Truth
    Worship The Lords
    The Most Wonderful Girl
    Nasty Love
    Scrood Bi U
    The Crablouse
    Am I Sexy?
    Stoned On Love Again
    Let's Get High (Rob Swift Remix)
    I Sit On Acid (Original)

  • Farstucker Stript Album (3/5/2002)
    Scrood Bi U
    Lover Boy / Lover Girl
    Rover Take Over
    Pain & Pleasure Concerto
    Slave To Love
    Sex Bomb
    Take Off
    Lucy's Fu*ck*ing Sky
    (A Treatise On The Practical Methods Whereby One Can) Worship The Lords
    A Ride With Satan's Little Helpers
    Feed My Hungry Soul
    I Like It
    Surfin' Muncheez
    Get Up, Get High
    Dark Lover Rising
    Kiss Eternal
    Lick My Chakra
    Glad I'm Not God!

  • Voodoo-U Stript Album (12/11/2001)
  • Lords Of Acid Vs Detroit Album (10/23/2001)
  • Lust Stript Album (10/23/2001)
  • Scrood Bi U Album (6/1/2001)
  • Farstucker Album (2/27/2001)
  • Lover Boy / Lover Girl Album (2/13/2001)
  • Lover Album (1/18/2000)
  • Heaven Is an Orgasm Album (11/16/1999)
  • Am I Sexy? Album (6/8/1999)
  • Pussy Album (4/30/1998)
  • On The Racks Album (8/12/1997)
  • Our Little Secret Album (7/22/1997)
  • Rubber Doll Album (7/8/1997)
  • Do What You Wanna Do Album (8/22/1995)
  • The Crablouse Album (9/27/1994)
  • Voodoo-U Album (1/1/1994)
  • Rough Sex Album (6/1/1992)
  • Lust Album (10/25/1991)
  • Take Control Album (6/1/1991)
  • Hey Ho! Album (6/1/1990)
  • I Sit On Acid Album (6/1/1988)

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