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Lords Of Acid Farstucker Stript Album

Last updated: 06/25/2004 10:16:30 PM

Release Date: 03/05/2002
Tracks in Farstucker Stript: Scrood Bi U, Lover Boy / Lover Girl, Rover Take Over, Pain & Pleasure Concerto, Slave To Love, Sex Bomb, Take Off, Stripper, Lucy's Fu*ck*ing Sky, (A Treatise On The Practical Methods Whereby One Can) Worship The Lords, A Ride With Satan's Little Helpers, Feed My Hungry Soul, I Like It, Surfin' Muncheez, Get Up, Get High, Dark Lover Rising, Kiss Eternal, Lick My Chakra, Glad I'm Not God!

Farstucker Stript Album Tracklist