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LORDI are:

Lordi - vocals, programming
Amen - guitars, backing vocals
Ox - bass, backing vocals
Kita - drums, backing vocals
Awa - keyboards, backing vocals

Their past members are:


What would happen if our favourite horror film characters Freddie Krugger, Michael Myers (Halloween) and Jason (Friday 13th) took a break from their hectic killing spree's, put down their weapons of murder, had a few beers and picked up musical instruments?

Answer = LORDI

Lordi are the new crazies on the block, looking they have escaped from the cast of an Evil Dead movie and sounding like a cross between KISS and Rob Zombie this is the most fun you can have without incurring a lengthy sentence in prison. Lordi hail from Finland, Lapland Finland in fact, The home of Father Christmas who is rumoured to have moved since Lordi set up shop!

The Monster Show is a real Heavy Metal album, capital H, capital M, Heavy Metal, got that? The song writing is laden with anthemic choruses, huge hooks, big riffs and a sound that Metallica lost after the Black album, cue lawsuit from Lars Ulrich once he finds out.

Lordi are a household name in their native Finland with over 50,000 sales and a #1 single with "Would you love a Monsterman"from their debut album "Get Heavy" released in 2002. Lordi have re discovered the lost formula for heavy metal mainstream success that made platinum artists of previous masters of metal such as Twisted Sister, WASP & Iron Maiden.

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Brilliant | Reviewer: Celestia Rose | 6/9/13

Lordi are amazing and get you all happy and pumped up and their lyrics are not ridiculous or silly and job for a cowboy is an emo band not heavy metal. BTW I'm 13 and ever since they won the eurovision and found out about them I love their music. Ben and Lauren you really don't know what your talking about.

the best | Reviewer: caitlyn x | 2/8/12

i am caitlyn i am 8 years old and i listen to you you are the best when my sister says you are rubbish all i say is shut up! because she is wrong i would love to meet you one day but i cant :( xx love your music x hard rock halleluya is the best! byeeee xx

@davisgwar | Reviewer: MonsterManiac | 8/30/10

davisgwar STFU seriously.
If you don't like Lordi then don't search for them and post retarded pointless comments.

Lordi and Gwar are two very different bands. They sing about different things. They are no way copying each other. That's like saying Dragonforce are copying Slipknot lmfao

just awful | Reviewer: davisgwar | 7/27/10

I think this band was sitting around thinking
"How can we take all the heavy metal, talent and artistry that GWAR has created and turn it into something that really sucks." This is not metal in anyway. Its just awful. Come on.
And if anyone says GWAR sucks, then u don't know GWAR. Look at them. Research the band in depth and u will see how talented GWAR is.

lordi poonage ^^ | Reviewer: voncie | 4/29/09

lol to all the nubs saying that lordi sucks.... you phail....

lordi owns. best band i ve ever seen. Nice music great text, and even better live shows. btw for the not metal lovers. when the whole lordi-bands sing together it sounds like an angle...

my dad is their manager | Reviewer: feevos | 12/22/07

oh my god they r my favorite band. my kosta kantzoglou and his partner bill aucoin who used to manage kiss now manages the band lordi. ben and lauren have a realy bad taste of rock music.
they are literaly the second best band in finland.their costumes that were hand made r awsome!!

I'M YOUR NOMBER 1 | Reviewer: charlotte | 11/28/07

lordi is the only good band i like! yes, i like hevy but so wat? lordi, i dont cear wat any 1 thinks of you, YOU ARE WAY 2 KOOL! oh, i'm 13 but i'm in a rock band 2!

Cheesy in all the right ways | Reviewer: Tank! | 11/12/07

I don't care what you want to classify Lordi as. IMHO they are an awesome band. Yeah, they can be cheesy sometimes, but personally, that's what makes them great. There are too many metal bands out there that take themselves waaaay too seriously. When I first listened to them I didn't really care for them, but after hearing some of their songs a few times they hooked me.

better than ever | Reviewer: freaky styley | 9/16/07

Lordi rocks! From the very first sound of nearly every song it catches you
up and doesn't let go until the end. It's the music that wakes you up and makes you feel overfilled with energy. The videos maybe kinda too similar to each other due to often use of living dead, but they make you watch them again and again nonetheless. I've never heard anything like this before.

Lordi totally sucks... | Reviewer: Ben | 9/3/07

Their music is nowhere close to heavy, they have little to no musical talent, they put on a terrible live show, and they just overall suck... And to the person on here who said "Job For a Cowboy" is death metal... You need to learn music, because JFAC is nothing but scene grind. If you want real death metal, check some Necrophagist, Pungent Stench, Devourment, Waco Jesus...

Lordi sucks. | Reviewer: Lauren | 8/26/07

To all of you who think Lordi "owns" or is "great," you have terrible taste in music. Their lyrics are absolutely ridiculous, their live performances are over-exaggerated and 'cheesy.' They have little musical talent, and there's not much else to say other than they suck. And for those off you who like the "death" metal sound, you obviously don't know death metal... listen to Cannibal Corpse or Job for A Cowboy and then you'll know what it is.

greetings from macedonia | Reviewer: mina | 4/6/07

hey lordi.i adore you all!!! i am mina from macedonia,i am albanian.i think you are the best.kissesssss

bands | Reviewer: oli | 3/19/07

its nice that you should mention ironmaiden as they have inspired me to play guitar, and over the years i have learnt to play many of there numbers. iron maiden and lordi rock (but who are lordi realy???, maybe a previous band in masks??)

awesome band live | Reviewer: Dan | 8/16/06

lordi rock my world. They owned the download festival in 05 and 06. There music is beautifully put together. Makes you move your head to that high tempo hard rock. Lordi are bringin back the balls to rock!!!


Lordi are the BRINGIN BACK THE BALLS TO ROCK. (sorry guys. couldnt resist it) Lordis music is awesome. Its perfectly well puttin together. Every song is a high tempo song that gets your head moving along. Get Heavy, Monster Show and The Arockalaspe are brilliant albums. Best song on Arockalaspe in my opinion is The Deadite girls gone wild. Love the chorus. Not only they have great music. They are amazing live. I saw them at the London Scala and they rocked that place to the ground. They rocked the download festival 05 and 06 and still i cant get enough of them. Seeing them again october. Cant wait!! ROCK ON!!!

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