Lorde Albums

  • Pure Heroine Album (9/30/2013)
    Tennis Court
    400 Lux
    Buzzcut Season
    Glory and Gore
    Still Sane
    White Teeth Teens
    A World Alone

  • The Love Club Album (4/1/2013)
    Million Dollar Bills
    The Love Club
    Biting Down

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    Reviews about Lorde albums
    Lorde | Reviewer: Maya Marie
        ------ About the album The Love Club performed by Lorde

    I love Lorde a lot, and her voice is so pretty! She is like my sister to me, I sang one of her songs for a school thing, and will again this year! I'm thinking 'Everybody want's to rule the world' I love that song! So today I got 50 dollars and I'm going to buy the cd 'The Love Club'.

    I have my hair like her's all the time, people say she is my twin! Are faces are the same. I'm 5.5, she's 5.5, maybe we are twins!

    If you'd lke to talk to me go on Howrse,
    friend me! I'm Maya Marie.
    p.s I like Marilyn Manson to.

    A C sharp among the E flats | Reviewer: Shad
        ------ About the album The Love Club performed by Lorde

    She's such a musical genius. Her album is fun and funky but at the same time reality based, leaving a message of originality and individuality. Her voice is awesome, between Bjork and Shirley Manson yet gives you a taste of her own sound. With such music genre and voice PLUS a beautiful face, really something extra ordinary to watch out for.

    album | Reviewer: Jessica
        ------ About the album The Love Club performed by Lorde

    This is a great refreshment in the pop industry. Lord has a very unique voice and her style is very original, unlike a lot of the other music on the radio nowdays. I enjoy listening to her whole album. Just can't wait for her to blow up and show the posers of the music industry what music really is about :) we need younge artists like her to leave some foot prints for others just like her to follow.

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