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Sympathy Lord Of All Terrors Lyrics

Last updated: 08/25/2004 02:37:53 AM

can the mind of man withstand the terrors
of the unseen world,
and his flesh endure the radiance
yet not be consumed?
has the gate not opened by the keys of
solomon who
sought the power
of the unknown horrors

yet amongst the beasts
that dwell beyond us
is the ancient Lord of Terrors
whose hand is long
when his burning eye which never tires
is upon us
we feel the ancient power and
the horrors he commands

cast about his throne are ancient armies
he destroyed when
they withstood him, worshiped demons
and lifted up their bael
how could lowly dagon bear the terror
that consumed him
the god did scream
as he was devoured

cast not upon the Lord of Terrors
can your will bind his ancient power
he who rules over the realms of chaos
he whose lidless eye never grows tired

for amid the wretched fires of moloch did the
scourge of wrath
destroy and burn
his immortal flesh away
and the howls of ammon feral demon
have been silenced
and his flame has been extinguished
his power stolen away

the high places are in ruin
from his molten wrath
burning as a furnace
gods withstood him not
and they shrunk in horror
as he destroyed them all

upon this infected earth
filled with immortal blood
ancient powers have fallen
though the gate is opened
by the keys of Solomon
the powers live in fear of the flame

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