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Lord Belial Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 05:21:21 AM

Lord Belial was formed in 1992 by the four present members; Dark - guitar and vocals, Vassago - guitars, Bloodlord - bass, and Sin - drums. The foursome have a varied musical background, but the same goal; to unleash the beast that has so long been kept in chains.

The first official recording by Lord Belial was called "The Art Of Dying" and contained seven tracks.

In 1994, Lord Belial recorded their second demo "Into The Frozen Shadows", a more well-produced tape with many melodic flute-lines. It was this demo that got them a record-deal on No Fashion label.

In late 1994, Lord Belial entered the studio to do a pre-recording to their first album "Kiss the Goat", which was later recorded in studio Soundfront, Uppsala, 21/11-30/11, 1994. Its release was delayed by the incompetent manufacturing of the cover, which at first was totally pink! The first 1000 copies were burnt! Then, the cover got all wrong again and was released anyway, though neither the band nor the record-company were satisfied. Musically, however, this debut album was well-acclaimed by fans and press due to its originality and the intriguing combination of melody and aggressiveness. Songs from "Kiss the Goat" were featured on the "Blackend" compilation plus some other compilation CD's.

In 1995, Lord Belial played some tours and gigs in Sweden. At the end of 1995, they made a pre-recording to their second album, "Enter the Moonlight Gate". This album was later recorded at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg, in April 1996 (!) and released at the end of June 1997 (!). Shortly before the recording of "Enter the Moonlight Gate", Lord Belial had toured Sweden again. After the album recording, the endless months of waiting for the release were bridged by further activities.

In May 1996, Lord Belial recorded "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden. This cover is featured on a Japanese Iron Maiden tribute. In October 1996, they played a tour in East Germany as headline-act, and it was a total success! When eventually released, "Enter the Moonlight Gate" firmly established Lord Belial's reputation as a prime force to be reckoned with.

In November 1997, they toured Europe with Dismember and Disfear. In May 1998, they made a ten-gig tour as headline act for Satanic Slaughter. More compilation contributions followed as well: Lord Belial were featured on the Bathory tribute "In Conspiracy with Satan" ("Massacre") and the Black Sun compilation "Sepultaral Feast" ("Crucifixion").

Above all, however, immense energy was put in rehearsing and writing new material, and in August 1998, Lord Belial were ready to hit "Los Angered Recording Studio" to record their third fullength. Entitled "Unholy Crusade", this album is sixty minutes of a deep, fat growl of long withheld fury and hate. The tuning is very low, and Vassago and Bloodlord add depths from the very pits of hell with their additional 7 and 5 strings!
Dark's vocals are a masterpiece of violence and aggression, contrasted by Lamia's alluring voice, and Vassago contributed background vocals as on "KTG". Sin's drumming is comparable to the likes of Pete Sandoval and Hellhammer! Dark's classical accoustic guitarplay can now be found deep in the music throughout, instead of one single song, and his solos are in battle with Vassago's.

"Unholy Crusade" is by far the best recording achieved so far, and it truly shows Lord Belial's potential as one of Sweden's leading and most unique Black Metal acts !!!