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These faggot ass niggas,
Ay yo Buck, word to mother,
Yo they had young Malcom silenced too long baby,
They can't fuckin hold me now nigga,
What the fuck these niggas thought,
It's the I-N-C nigga, it's murder,
M-I-B nigga, Murder Inc. Bosses, motherfuckers,
Ja Rule, haha
Ay yo Buck, turn this shit up in my motherfuckin headphones,
Turn me up niggas, fuck these faggots, haha
It's real nigga, yeah, it's real nigga (ay yo, word ta motha)

How many niggas hold they heat like Rule?
Sidearm, barrel ta mouth
i blow ya head out through tha south,
An' let 'Lil J get ta airin' ya out.
An' if there's any change left
I toss ya on down ta tha west,
An' let (westside!!) ride down on ya
California love,is what ya crave,so on ya grave
it's gon' read: "Here lie Fifty,
who snitched on many.
That half a dolla, that nickel, them dimes, an' died like penny."
An' Murda Inc. will send they deepest condolences and sympathies
ta Aftermath, ta Shady, Interscope and Jimmy Iovine,
Ya know ya team they really some pee-ons, gettin' peed on,
an' leaked on.
I'm talkin' 'bout faggot ass gay Dre young,
an' Suge told me all about how ya used ta take transvestites home,
an' occasionally wear thongs.
No wonda Feminem be cross dressin'
in pumps an' tight 'lil dresses,
my pumps, they leave big messes...
An' I know tha 'Truth Hurts' when I bust'wreckles,
Battle of da sexes, is dat a woman or a man?
I really don't care ta stand
but Fifty you gon' get shot again
by the M-U-R-E-D-R, INC! I'm tha rappa that sings,
totes guns an' blades.
An' these Fed's can't discuss 'em
cause while he violatin' ?? cryin' bitch to Russell like:
They shootin'...ahh makes ya shook an' got Bus' rhymin' tha same ol' hook.
Like, they shootin'...I ain't shoot up ya land,
I'd a put ya in tha coroner van.
Like my nigga J *muah*
Tha Vanguish will be tha ghetto car when I clap at ya garage.
An' Em, whats tha du-rag for?
You neva gon' have braids, you'll never know black pain
but you can become tha first white rappa slain.
Jus' get yo money mayn, tha INC is runnin' thangs,
hideout wit 'Loose Change'.
An' you nigga Ima send you ta mommy...
wit strict ordas from Gotti ta hide tha body.
An' Dre, ya days comin' too cuz I got a team of misfits thats quiet
an' handle they business, Cause....
IM SHOOTIN'...at all yall niggas,
an' 'Lil Mo you jus' one of dem bitches
that ain't had a hot song in how long? NEVA!
Ya betta off wit a dick in ya mouth, shutup!!

Em ya claim ya mother's a crackhead and Kim is a known slut,
so what's Hailie gon' be when she grows up?

MURRRDAAA!! Yall know what it is.
MURRRDAAA!! Yall know what it be.
MURRRDAAA!! Yall know what it is.

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Ja is boss | Reviewer: Young c | 2/13/13

You people dont undrstnd em is always says that kim is a slut in his songs and his mother she was crazy,so i dont blame Ja Rule for what he said,he was just askin if hallie will take after her mother or grandmother.i love em but ja rule killed him with dat.fuck 50 he think he is the boss of rap.if Tony Yayo leave g unit 50 cent wont make it to rap game.ja rule,the game,jadakiss,dr dre and eminem are bosses,50 is a shit.

Wow | Reviewer: Linden | 1/3/13

Im fan of both but alot of these people commenting cleary dont have any idwa of what they are talking about. Do yall not know that 50 cent dissed ja's kids then aftermath jumped on ja after..then it looked like ja rule had enough n made this diss. Almost everybody that doesnt know the full story hatin on ja cmon man

Motherf**** | Reviewer: Caitlin | 10/28/12

I was so pissed and thats the point. How low can Ja Rule sink to diss another rappers daughter. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about look at the lyrics to Eminems song "Like Toy Soldiers" I think Eminem makes songs that the lyrics are meaningful this is shit.

ja rule is gay | Reviewer: eminems biggest fan | 10/15/12

Does Ja Rule really think he's cool? like uh I don't think so hes an asshole who doesn't have a life so he tries to start shit with random people, sorry but it must be said, eminem could beat his ass. Eminem is the shit and this guy is shit so that says it all. oh and i'm not even sure why i capitalized Ja Rules name he doesnt deserve it

real shit, i luv dat | Reviewer: d King | 7/11/12

well, ja rule is d boss, i luv wat he said against em, 50 and Dre. Em's mother is a creackhead, why?, Kim is a slug, so why? I luv dat question ja ask em about d daughter. Ja rule, keep killing dem cus u r d boss. Dre, why should u be gay. Suge said it, tupac called u a queer, so why should u. 50 is d most trouble maker. He deserv wat ja rule said, if he dont take time, he will be short again.

Ja | Reviewer: REAL | 6/21/12

This is rap, accept it. What are ya all liking 'bout Eminem anyway, ok, he's good, and he took payback, 'cause thats what rappers do. If you can't handle this shit you better listen to other music, no rap fo you.

Fck ja rule ugly as mofo' | Reviewer: I <3 eminem | 5/11/12

Aja I guess you jst jealous of eminem and if you hate him so much er some shixt why did you write a song containing hiss name fuckinqq dumbass..... keep on hating on him cause he don't give a fuck and he ain't gunna spend his precious time withh you ugly ass !! C:

Eminem <3 fuck who hates.
Cause he don't give a fuck

Haters can keep talking shixt

R.I.P Ja Lose | Reviewer: Stan | 4/6/12

Ja you immature dwarf, grow up! Ja i don't know how to tell you this but YOU'RE NEVER GONNA BE 2PAC!! I'm Eminem's biggest fan but i kinda feel sorry for Ja... I mean, Ja used to be famous but i guess he brought this to himself, you can't diss Hailie and expect your career to not end... Ja is so dumb he can't even spell 'murder', Eminem is da real murderer cos he's ended the careers of Ja-Rule, Benzino, Everlast etc... And he's gonna add Canibus to his collection soon... Long Live The King Eminem! The Hip-Hop Messiah!

This Song Is Stupid | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/11

Ja Rule is just an idiot who thinks overusing the words "nigga" and "faggot", plus hating on other (in my opinion, better) rappers/singers makes a good song. It doesn't.

Also, who says that stuff about kids? That's just not even right. All he did with his song is show people how much of an asshole he is.

Go fuck yourself - or better yet, let Eminem beat the crap out of you.

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/11

You know what? I hope Eminem beats his ass. You don't bring kids into this- that's just low. And I don't give a fuck if this is rap or not- there's a certain point until you've gone too far.

Ja Rule is nothing but a Tupac impersonator. He's FAKE. Stupid son of a bitch, he deserves everything that's being dished out too him. I hope if he has a kid that some rapper says that about his kid, or something simmilar, then he'll realize what a low motherfucker he is.

fuck ya'll fans | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/11

if u think this piece of shit rap is good, u got no taste. fuck u and ur piece of shit life. u motha fuckas gonna deny Em aint as good as Ja?! Suck a dick. Ja aint shit compared to Em. honestly, i hope he pays for what he said. And havin his boys shoot up Proof?! What a pussy nigga. Id like a fucki crack at 'iz ass. motha fucka wanna dis fify too?! he beggin fo' a fight! well bitch, come find me! How about this, I ill personally beat ur ASS FOR Em and Fify! Nigga wanna try me?

ja is boss | Reviewer: matt | 6/24/11

suck a dick all you faggots hatin on ja sayin he aint shit and its low to talk about hailie.. fuckin pussys. this is rap and if you cant hack it listen to nelly or trey songz. and anyway go do research and you will find that eminem and 50 both talk shit about jas kids and family before loose change. ja just came back with some known facts. and you all cry. ja has flow mean rap sick killin lyrics and the best musical talent compared to eminem and 50s drum and bass drop plain beat. thats simple shit.

eminem is a racist dog on the sly only talking shit in his underground tapes around his white boys. when Eminem, according to last summer’s issue of The Source Magazine, was calling African people black bitches, coons, apes, monkeys and niggers, on his underground Detroit mixtapes.

and fitty is a bitch ass snitch have you ever heard of a rapper to have beef with more then six rappers/record labels at once and still feel so safe 50 IS GETTING PAID BY THE COPS TO RAT CUNTS OUT!!!!! like the fact he told the police that murder inc was started through drug money and then a week later 3 people in the inc were arrested and irv gotti was taken to court only they didnt have proof to lock him up.

fat joe comeback to fitty

“Oh yeah, you got 65 niggas on your team / and they’re not from southside jamaica queens / they’re the boys in blue / I’m just speakin’ the truth / Now we all see the bitch in you... this nigga be walkin around with 20 cops talkin’ shit on records, never comin’ out his house.”

“...I heard you put a couple good niggaz behind bars / I might never sell that much / But you can bet your last two quarters, I never tell that much.”

Since selling over 11 million albums and raking in over $50 million in the last year or so, 50 went from saying how he owed the streets for his success to loudly and clearly broadcasting his new message of “fuck the hood” in recent tours and in a March XXL interview.

now tell me wheres the loyalty..

eminem and fitty both good rappers but ja is just as good if not better and not a snitch or white hes real bitches and in saying that fifty copied a song of 2 pacs and so did ja why dont people call 50 a 2pac wannabe if anything ja should now take being called that a compliment because he is the closest thing to biggie and tupac in our days.... eminem and fittys new shit is shocking get new material they are so predictable.

Wtf is wrong with thi guy | Reviewer: Wtf | 6/8/11

Honestly... Ja rule isn't even a good rapper! How low can you sink to say something like that about an eight year old?! Seriously, this guy is a dumbass!!! Does he expect he is going to diss Eminem's daughter and not get payback? Seriously...

Dissing Is Cool | Reviewer: Nas | 1/31/11

I do'nt care who disses who as long as it sounds good! if it sounds nice then I like it! seriously, Ja Rule's last verse was banging! it was offensive but it came out hard! it still makes me laugh! what I like about Ja Rule is that he does'nt seem to give a shit! he disses and then leaves with a loud laugh! I like The Warning! the best by Ja Rule!

Fuckin asshole | Reviewer: S | 8/2/10

who the fuck does he think he is dissin Hailie like that? Sayin shit about Em and 50 Cent and Dr Dre is one thing, cos theyll fight back but bringing someones kids into it is just fucked up.I love how Em and Hailie got back at him in Doe Rae Me. Fuck ja rule and his amature shit, he'll never be half the rapper Em is.

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