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Carole King Looking Out For Number One Lyrics

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by Carole King

What kind of fool do you think I am
To believe you reaally give a damn
You're just looking out for number one

You wanna win- no way you're gonna lose
Between me and you which one will you choose?
I know you're looking out for number one

Just look behind the silver screen you've built
around yourself
You'll find you're just the same as anybody else
And that's all right

What kind of fool are y'gonna be
There's a locked up soul and you hold the key
But you're too busy looking out for number one

What will you do -Will you go through the day
Only half alive-who are you anyway
Just lookin' out for number one

What kind of chaance are you willin' to take
Are you willin' to give just a little bit
for your own sake
That's really lookin' out for number one

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