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The Damned Looking At You Lyrics

Last updated: 09/10/2001 12:50:37 AM

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When it happened, Something Snapped inside me

Made me wanna hide

All on my own, all on my own

I stood up on the stand my eyes shut tight

Didn't wanna see anybody

Feeling alright, having a good time heh

Doing alright, doing alright

Doing alright, doing alright

I saw into the dancing crowd

Felt like screaming out loud

I saw you standing there

Saw your long, your long hair yeah

Opened up my eyes baby

You made me realise what I wanna do now

I wanna do now babe, looking at you

Looking at you babe, looking at you

Looking at you, looking at you baby

You baby (x6)

Yeah yeah

(repeat verse 2) (with 9 extra "you baby" s)

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