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Kirk Franklin Lookin' Out For Me Lyrics

Last updated: 11/12/2009 10:00:00 AM

Every time I look back
And every time I think back
On all the stuff I've been through
I've prayed through I cried through
And then I tried you and just
Whan I was about to fall
Your love caught me when your name I called
Jesus you keep on lookin' out for me

Remeber when the doctor said
He said he couldn't help you and
Remember when the money was gettin' low
You're hurtin' now your feeling low and just
When you thought the night would never end
The sun came out now you can smile again
Jesus you keep on lookin' out for me

You keep on lookin' out for me [3x]
In spite of all I've done
Jesus you keep on lookin' out for me

I shouldn't be here today
And when I look back on all my mistakes
If it hadn't been for your grace
I don't know where I'd be where I'd go
Who can love me like you do
And who can hold me when I'm going through
Jesus you keep on lookin' out for me


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The Strength of God's Unconditional Love 4 You | Reviewer: AustinaR.South | 7/23/2007

this song is so powerful it lets you know that god is and will always have your back even in the darkest hour.his love is unconditional i love kirk franklin and all his music he is a blessing to me and may god continue to b less him with his gift through music.

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