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Beth Nielsen Chapman Look Lyrics

Last updated: 06/12/2004 02:47:33 AM

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(Beth Nielsen Chapman / Andy Bey)

Look at how your love has changed my life
Woke up all the dreams I've held inside
All the stars fell in place
When you first touched my face
And once again the world felt right

Look at how you knew you'd found my heart
Deep out of the blue and torn apart
Long before I could see you were so meant for me
You held me in your arms so tight

Love finds a way
Through time and grace
How sweet to step into this dance
When I never thought my heart
Would get a second chance

Look at how your love has changed my life
Filled me with a hope that shines so bright
That the past closed the book
When I turned back to look
At how your love has changed my life

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