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Carpenters Look To Your Dreams Lyrics

Last updated: 03/14/2005 11:00:00 AM

To say I'm romantic would be quite semantically true

But make-believe passion has fallen from fashion's milieu

It's undestandable why we're a little confused

It's asking for trouble just watching the six o'clock news

But for a moment, all things aside, look to yourself somewhere inside

Look to your dreams

Don't they still seem worthwhile?

Don't they still seem in style?

Aren't you glad they're still there?

Look to your dreams

There's a need for them now

When the world has us down

Aren't you glad they're around?

Once conceived, once believed fantasy's reality's childhood

And like a seed, visions need constant care like a child would, we should

(*) Look to your dreams

We can still make the stars

We can still break the bars

We have built here on earth

(**) Look to your dreams

And tomorrow may be better for you and me

The future may say

Blame blind yesterday for taking dreams away

They could mean more than they seem

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hearing this somg makes me dream | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/2007

as a personal friend of Karen's just wanted to say that this song is without a don't my altime favorite ---I will never forget the first time I heard her sing it --I was just speechless--you can hear two different versons of it--one on her solo album (although I didn't enjoy it as much as much as her work with Richard I still think that it did not deserve to be shelved for 14 years)...and one on --if I recall correctly-- The Voice of the Heart cd this is the arrangement I emjoy much better... thanks for hearing me out ....Let's all help keep her memory alive --I miss her as much today as always and always will...Rest in peace

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