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Closure Look Out Below Lyrics

Last updated: 06/25/2003 09:40:45 PM

All my life
I've denied
Ever knowing what its like
You came around
You shook my ground
Now i'm searching for a drug to come down
You're where I thought I'd never go
I can't believe I did

Look out below
I'm letting go
Look out below
I'm falling completely
I lost control
I let it go
Now I can see so clearly around me
You're everything I need

Deep inside is where you've been
Ever since you wandered in
And now I shine
And get so high
On all the things I used to deny
Now i can never let you go
I guess i'll just let you win


To find
All of the things I used to deny
And I know
That the closer you bring me
Fear tries to keep me alone
Look out below


You're everything I need (x3)
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