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Warrior Soul Look At You Lyrics

Last updated: 12/26/2002 07:34:15 PM

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I`m not your steppin` stone
Your kind is lying low
The war that you never won
Laid out in the burnin` sun

I showed you your world
I tear holes thru your phoney love
I saw the burning god
Covered in mud, I put him out
You want to take it all from me
I guess you`ll never see
You said you`d never let it be
You`re such a silly thing
I saw it burning down for you
So what you gonna do
Your mind is broken and shot through
Look at you

Look at you
Look at you, you know you`re brand new

I left you out alone
You?re blown out and you can`t let go
See the thoughts, I don`t give a damn
Kicked out of a chosen land
I wanna blow it up
I`m a force field blastin` love
I know you`re on drugs

Look at you
You know you`re brand new

You think you?re tough well baby c`mon down
I`m gonna shove it down your two inch throat
Your stinkin` world can go to hell
Look at you

Look at you
Look at you, you know you`re brand new

You look brand new
Look at you

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