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Some bands form so the kids who were once the class freaks
can at last get their ends away with girls. Others get
together so that the members can avoid ever having to do
any real work for a living. For some it's one big exercise
in ego massage or ramming some kind of message down the
world's throat. New York-based, shaggy haired rock tykes
Longwave formed for a much more simple reason -- because it
felt right. And with that sort of natural birth and
organic attitude comes a sound that is relaxed, and yet
emotional, classically More...

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Reviews about Longwave songs

lying | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wake Me When It's Over performed by Longwave

the girl must have been lying about her relationship with the person in the song, suddenly he realized that she's been cheating all along, feels helpless, devastated. just like the feeling this song is carrying.

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